IMPROVEMENT by Joan Silber
Released: Nov. 14, 2017

"There is something so refreshing and genuine about this book, coming partly from the bumpy weave of its unpredictable story and partly from its sharply turned yet refreshingly unmannered prose. A winner."
Love and profit, fear and orneriness, intention and accident…all present and accounted for in this study of why our lives turn out the way they do. Read full book review >
HOUSE OF SPIES by Daniel Silva
Released: July 11, 2017

"Another chilling glimpse inside global terror networks from a gifted storyteller."
Gabriel Allon is back in the field. Read full book review >

AUTUMN by Ali Smith
Released: Feb. 7, 2017

"Smith's book is a kaleidoscope whose suggestive fragments and insights don't easily render a pleasing pattern, yet it's compelling in its emotional and historical freight, its humor, and keen sense of creativity and loss."
A girl's friendship with an older neighbor stands at the center of this multifaceted meditation on aging, art, love, and affection. Read full book review >
GOLDEN HILL by Francis Spufford
Released: June 27, 2017

"A first-rate entertainment with a rich historical feel and some delightful twists."
This sparkling first novel sends a young man through a gantlet of troubles and amusements in 18th-century Manhattan. Read full book review >
DUNBAR by Edward St. Aubyn
Released: Oct. 3, 2017

"A superb, assured reminder that as flies to wanton boys are we to the gods—and that ain't good."
A brilliant reworking of William Shakespeare's King Lear for our day. Read full book review >

TIES by Domenico Starnone
Released: March 7, 2017

"A slim, stunning meditation on marriage, fidelity, honesty, and truth."
Four years after leaving his wife and children, Aldo returns to them, ready to rebuild. Read full book review >
ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE by Elizabeth Strout
Released: April 25, 2017

"Another powerful examination of painfully human ambiguities and ambivalences—this gifted writer just keeps getting better."
A radiant collection of stories linked to Strout's previous novel, My Name Is Lucy Barton (2016, etc.), but moving beyond its first-person narration to limn small-town life from multiple perspectives. Read full book review >
MY ABSOLUTE DARLING by Gabriel Tallent
Released: Aug. 29, 2017

"A powerful, well-turned story about abuse, its consequences, and what it takes to survive it."
A 14-year-old girl struggles to escape her father's emotional and physical abuse in this harrowing debut. Read full book review >