10 Best Cheese-Free Love Stories [SHOWING SLIDE 7 OF 10]

We wanted so badly to be clever about love for today’s list. It being Valentine’s Day tomorrow, all those schmaltzy jewelry commercials are on TV; if we see another saccharine Hallmark card, we might self-destruct. A list of the 10 best anti-love novels or the most memorable characters wreaking revenge on hurtful lovers might have been an antidote to the commercialized ritual of love we all undergo this week. But when we started filing through the Kirkus archive, we kept saying “awww” and sighing while recalling love stories we unironically, unabashedly admire. So we’ll toss the clever façade: here are the 10 love stories we don’t ever want to forget.

FINGERSMITH by Sarah Waters
Kirkus Star
by Sarah Waters

"Nobody writing today surpasses the precocious Waters's virtuosic handling of narrative complexity and thickly textured period detail. This is a marvelous novel."
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