10 Teen Books Adults Shouldn't Resist [SHOWING SLIDE 6 OF 10]

What rational adult willingly revisits adolescence? A lot of us, if a study released by Bowker, a prominent provider of data about books, is any indication—last September, Bowker revealed that 55% of people who read young adult books are over 18 (with the largest segment of those adults aged 30-44!). Young adult books have so captured the public’s enthusiasm that the publishing industry has concocted a new term for books meant for teens that aren’t actually read by teens: “new adult” books. Whatever they’re called, the genre has blossomed so creatively that being a responsible adult caught reading a novel meant for teens is no longer something to think twice about. Here’s the Kirkus list of 10 young adult books that will remind you of the dramatic highs and melodramatic lows of adolescence (while you remain comfortably ensconced in adulthood).

BRONXWOOD by Coe Booth
by Coe Booth

"This book can stand alone, but the cliffhanger ending begs another installment; readers who have been with Tyrell from the beginning as well as those meeting him for the first time will be utterly invested in his future. (Fiction. 14 & up)"
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