10 Ways to Relive Adolescence (Without the Angst or Acne) [SHOWING SLIDE 10 OF 10]

What adult willingly revisits adolescence, we asked in a list we published earlier this year about books meant for teens that adults shouldn’t resist. It’s obvious that a bunch of adults are reading young adult books—YA books are unabashedly romantic, many of them, and tend to have suspenseful plots, so why shouldn’t we read them? For those of you who want to stick to books meant for adults whose insights about our teenage years are unique and memorable—in other words, for those of you who want to spy on adolescence while remaining firmly footed in adulthood—we offer these 10 books about that awkward, gawky, magical stage of our development.

Kirkus Star
by Sue Miller

"Miller at her best: engrossing characters and a plot that turns unexpected corners."
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