10 Writers Who've Rescued the Most Cruelly Neglected Moments of History [SHOWING SLIDE 6 OF 10]

Blockbuster books about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and, of course, Abraham Lincoln seem to appear with such regularity that it makes you wonder if there’s anyone else in American history who’s achieved something significant. For the thrill of discovering America’s forgotten stories, check out the books on this week’s list. The writers of these titles have found stories that don’t lack for drama (spies, shipwreck and assassination are some of their topics); they’ve just found them after some intrepid sleuthing and revived abandoned moments of American history in the process.

DALLAS 1963 by Bill Minutaglio
by Bill Minutaglio, Stephen L. Davis

"Despite the calendar slog, the authors make a compelling, tacit parallel to today's running threats by extremist groups."
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