10 Writers at the Top of Their Game [SHOWING SLIDE 6 OF 10]

This week, we interview Meg Wolitzer, a respected, prolific writer who’s had a best-selling novel. But her new novel, The Interestings, is her best yet. There’s a palpable thrill we get when we come across a writer’s most electric prose, when we can tell they’re firing on all pistons and we’re gleefully along for the ride. Here are 10 books that we think are these writers’ most thoughtful, memorable works. In some cases, we’ve chosen books that aren’t the most obvious choice (you Toni Morrison and Cormac McCarthy fans might argue with us about our choices for those writers’ best books, but what fun is it to recommend, say, Beloved when everybody already knows it’s a great book?).

IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote
Kirkus Star
by Truman Capote

"There may never have been a perfect crime, but if there ever has been a perfect reconstruction of one, surely this must be it."
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