11 Great Debut Novels [SHOWING SLIDE 1 OF 11]

In a season when publishers issue novels by their big-name writers (Jane Smiley, David Mitchell, Anne Rice, for example), there’s still plenty of room for new voices. This week, we list some of the most exciting debut novels by adult and young adult writers, including Isabel Quintero’s Gabi, a Girl in Pieces, a “fresh, authentic and honest exploration of contemporary Latina identity,” as our reviewer puts it, and Vanessa Manko’s “sober…lively and provocative” novel The Invention of Exile, set in Mexico City. Check out this week’s list and discover new writers who we think have long, healthy careers ahead of them.

WOLF IN WHITE VAN by John Darnielle
Kirkus Star
by John Darnielle

"A pop culture-infused novel that thoughtfully and nonjudgmentally considers the dark side of nerddom."
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