9 Bestsellers You Didn't Know You Would Like [SHOWING SLIDE 4 OF 9]

Because it’s sold so many copies, a bestselling book appeals to many readers. But not all. Maybe you don’t want to read a book about a man who “lacked a striking personality, or any qualities that made him stand out,” as is the case with Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage or maybe the hit movie If I Stay seems overly sentimental to you (the book doesn’t: in a starred review, we wrote that “Forman excels at inserting tiny but powerful details throughout”). Take a chance on the bestselling books in this week’s list; each will reward you for trying it out.

LUCKY US by Amy Bloom
Kirkus Star
by Amy Bloom

"Bloom enlivens her story with understated humor as well as offbeat and unforgettable characters. Despite a couple of anachronisms, this is a hard-luck coming-of-age story with heart."
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