Best Books for Dogging the NSA [SHOWING SLIDE 10 OF 10]

No need to be paranoid, as long you are not a successful, prolific and decorated writer! With the most recent revelations that more contemporary authors have been thoroughly monitored by Big Brother and his many appendages, what will future declassifications and Freedom of Information Act requests reveal? We now know that National Book Award winner William T. Vollmann was once suspected of being the “Unabomber” and the late king of the small presses Charles Bukowski had a considerable FBI dossier due to his self-proclaimed status as a “dirty old man.” We have compiled a list including poets, playwrights and Nobel Laureates all who produced work worthy of secret surveillance. “So much in a revolution is nothing but waiting,” writes Sinclair Lewis, but don’t wait to revisit these “subversive” wordsmiths.

LOST PURITAN by Paul Mariani
by Paul Mariani

"A welcome volume about a Rabelaisian monster of a man and a poet, made timelier by the recent publication of Elizabeth Bishop's letters. (photos, not seen)"
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