Best Middle-Grade Books of 2013 for Keeping It Real [SHOWING SLIDE 2 OF 13]

Some readers love fantasy, the more far-out the better; others want just the facts, ma'am. With an eye to the latter type of reader, we've pulled together a selection of our Best Middle-Grade Books of 2013 that look reality straight in the eye. Some are fiction; a girl who survived her mother's attempt on her life worries that she is now going crazy; a boy whose mother is in prison finds refuge with his uncle and a search-and-rescue dog. Others are nonfiction: Scientists study an extraordinary community of dolphins; an exemplary guide gives tips to budding birdwatchers. All are terrific.

Kirkus Star
by Ann E. Burg

"Lilting, lyrical and full of hope. (Historical fiction. 10-14)"
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