It's a Dark, Dark World but Don't Make Us Leave It [SHOWING SLIDE 10 OF 10]

Violence, apocalypse, war: just another day reading current best-sellers! We gave a rare star to George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones when it was first published in 1996, so the current trend of forbidding reads isn’t exactly new, though the trend has flourished lately. This week, we recommend books both new and old that revel in darkness and do such a good job of it that we don’t want to leave the worlds created in those stories.

SHOT ALL TO HELL by Mark Lee Gardner
by Mark Lee Gardner

"Written in the breathless prose that seems obligatory for this genre and with more sympathy to the subjects than seems necessary, the book is still a gripping read and probably tells all there is to tell about a legendary group of psychopaths."
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