A Novel for Everything (And We Mean Everything) That Ails You [SHOWING SLIDE 3 OF 10]

Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin’s The Novel Cure: From Abandonment to Zestlessness: 751 Books to Cure What Ails You is something to behold: an encyclopedia of maladies both spiritual and physical; under each malady’s heading, the writers suggest books that will help you overcome that particular problem. Feeling indecisive? There’s a book for that. Caring for someone with cancer? These ladies know what you should be reading. Eclectic and infectious, The Novel Cure is one of the most revealing and bracing books about books to come along in some time. We’ve chosen 10 problems the authors highlight in The Novel Cure and excerpted a bit of their reasoning as to why these particular books will help you conquer what ails you.

THE SHINING by Stephen King
by Stephen King

To help with alcoholism: Alcoholics knock around in the pages of novels like ice cubes in gin. Why? Because alcohol loosens tongues. And because it’s always the old soaks who collar us to tell a tale. Jack Torrance, the writer in Stephen King’s spine-chilling The Shining, has been on the wagon for some years. In the company of increasingly malign spirits, the specter of Jack’s lurking alcoholism is delighted to break out and let rip. Observing Jack’s disintegration will put the fear of the demon drink into you in more ways than one and will have you heading for the orange juice rather than the hooch.