After a pause, Cher has resumed working on telling the story of her life (after love).

In an appearance on the Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon, the singer and actor, known for hit singles including “Half-Breed” and “If I Could Turn Back Time” and her roles in films such as Silkwood and Moonstruck, said she is once again working on writing a memoir.

Fallon mentioned the memoir, which elicited an “ugh” from Cher. “No, what do you mean?” Fallon said.

“You know why?” Cher replied. “Because I just totally chickened out.…I didn’t put in some things that need to be in, and they’re not comfortable, but they need to be in. So I have to go back and man up.”

“It’s like therapy,” Fallon said. “It’s tough.”

Cher agreed, adding, “And also I’ve lived too long and done too much, and so it’s like, it should be the encyclopedia.”

Fallon asked Cher if the book had a title yet; she said that it does not. “Should we come up with one?” Fallon asked. “You’re going to tell some things you probably shouldn’t tell. Maybe I Got Scoops, Babe?”

Cher shook her head, and the audience groaned. Fallon tried again: “Maybe Over Chering?” Cher gave Fallon a withering glance and shook her head again.

Michael Schaub is a contributing writer.