A Swedish artist runs into a daimon, an entity related to humans, in a Stockholm bar. A single mother spots a striking stranger in a Tucson cafe. And in the 1890s, an aspiring doctor loses her husband in rugged Canada but later gains a lover.

As three romance novels recently reviewed by Kirkus Indie show, this genre’s heroines find love in delightfully diverse places.

In Kate Bigel’s Maelcom Daimon Desire, a painter named Agnes Gustafson helps a 100-year-old daimon (who looks 33 and can alter his form) investigate a report that Lattes cover could expose the existence of his species. While searching for clues, they realize they share a history of trauma and a powerful sexual attraction. “Enjoyable on every level, with exciting action, erotic romance, and psychological insights,” our reviewer writes.

After accepting a job with a technology firm, Valentina de Cordoba, the protagonist of Diane A. Hicks’ Love Over Lattes, meets businessman Derek Cole at her favorite coffee shop. She eventually falls in love with Cole, who’s in the midst of a difficult divorce. But the couple face some daunting challenges connected to his company. Our critic calls the book “a sexy and irresistible tale for fans of contemporary romance.”

The Klondike Gold Rush draws Joseph Buchanan and his wife, Abigail “Abby” Porter, to the Yukon Territory in Kay Wright’s Dr. Brown. But Joseph dies while staking his claim. Needing money, Abby finds work as an entertainer at a hotel, where Dr. Nathan Brown treats patients. Their mutual interest in medicine leads to a passionate relationship. After Abby gets pregnant, they move to Michigan, where she can attend medical school. But trouble for the family lies ahead. According to our reviewer, “Fans of historical fiction should find this love story an adventure worth taking.” Myra Forsberg is an Indie editor.