A posthumous memoir by Russian dissident Alexei Navalny is coming later this year.

Knopf will publish the opposition leader’s Patriot this fall, the press announced in a news release. The press says the book is “Navalny’s final letter to the world: a moving account of his last years spent in the most brutal prison on earth; a reminder of why the principles of individual freedom matter so deeply; and a rousing call to continue the work for which he sacrificed his life.”

Navalny was born in the Russian hamlet of Butyn and raised in the city of Obninsk. He worked as a lawyer and began his career in activism as a member of the political party Yabloko, later reviving the party Russia of the Future, known for its opposition to President Vladimir Putin.

He ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Moscow and president of Russia; during his presidential campaign, he was attacked with a caustic chemical and repeatedly arrested by authorities. He was poisoned by a nerve agent in 2020, and after his recovery was arrested again. In February, he died in prison at the age of 47; Russia has denied it was responsible for his death.

Knopf says that Patriot, which Navalny began writing in 2020, “is the full story of his life: his youth, his call to activism, his marriage and family, and his commitment to the cause of Russian democracy and freedom in the face of a world super-power determined to silence him. It expresses Navalny’s total conviction that change cannot be resisted and will come.”

His widow, Yulia Navalnaya, said in a statement, “This book is a testament not only to Alexei’s life, but to his unwavering commitment to the fight against dictatorship—a fight he gave everything for, including his life. Through its pages, readers will come to know the man I loved deeply—a man of profound integrity and unyielding courage. Sharing his story will not only honor his memory but also inspire others to stand up for what is right and to never lose sight of the values that truly matter.”

Patriot is slated for publication on Oct. 22.

Michael Schaub is a contributing writer.