On our fifth annual Holiday Gift Guide episode, editor-in-chief Tom Beer joins host Megan Labrise for a celebration of the year’s best in art books, cookbooks, deluxe illustrated editions, and more—with help from Kirkus’ editors and two extra special guests.

First, Mary E. Pearson, the New York Times–bestselling author of 10 novels, discusses the illustrated and expanded prequel to her wildly popular Remnant Chronicles trilogy: Morrighan: The Beginnings of the Remnant Universe (Henry Holt, Nov. 29). A must-have for fans—and a heady introduction for newcomers to the Remnant Universe—Morrighan centers on a forbidden love, between a child of the Remnant and a scavenger, that may “[herald] a better future for their fractured world” (Kirkus).

Then, naturalist and explorer Tim Laman, author of Bird Planet (Abrams, Oct. 4)—a prolific National Geographic contributor and 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner—tells us what it takes to make dazzling portraits of the world’s birds. (Hint: A not insignificant amount of tree climbing is involved.) Bird Planet features gorgeous reproductions of some of Laman’s best work, including his successful bid to photograph all known species of birds of paradise in New Guinea.

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