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Released: Nov. 1, 2011

A comprehensive, expertly rendered narrative history of Antarctica's most-visited region.

Owing to numerous nearby islands that aided nautical exploration, the Antarctic Peninsula, jutting 1,000 miles north of the main continental mass, is where humans first explored the last-discovered continent and where most tourists visit today. Read full book review >

Released: Nov. 20, 2011

A vagrant turned amateur sleuth investigates a murder in Coyote's debut novel and series opener of the Homeless Detective Trilogy.

Murphy is a hapless drunk living on the streets of Venice, Calif. Read full book review >

Released: Dec. 1, 2011

An outstanding debut novel for young people by retired amateur steeplechase jockey Hambleton, who uses her knowledge of horses and the equestrian world to tell of the tragedies and triumphs that befall a thoroughbred racehorse—from the horse's point of view.

Reminiscent of Anna Sewell's 19th-century classic, Black Beauty, in its deeply felt narrative as voiced by a thoroughbred racehorse, this first-time novel for ages 11 and up is written with empathy and a vivid sense of drama by Hambleton, a lifelong equestrian and former amateur steeplechase jockey. Read full book review >

Released: Nov. 1, 2011

"An enjoyable, fast-paced whodunit from opening act to final curtain."
In this stylish homage to the detective novels of Hollywood's Golden Age, a press agent stumbles across a starlet's dead body and into the seamy world of scheming players and morally bankrupt movie moguls. Read full book review >
Repeaters by Erica Ferencik
Released: Sept. 17, 2011

"The gripping pursuit and protection of the love of a lifetime."
The petrifying tale of a chain of reincarnations that can only be broken by finding true love. Read full book review >

Released: June 21, 2012

"A timely, compelling story that challenges the traditional definition of family."
Waldron's account of life as a gay dad in Arizona. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 7, 2011

An unapologetic, perverse, yet spiritual first novel that follows one man's mistakes and triumphs when he learns that he can live forever.

David's novel follows Israel "Izzy" Stern, a recent Boston University graduate living alone in Providence, R.I. All the family Izzy has is his grandfather's friend, Uncle Jack, who meets with him at a Starbucks the summer after college to play chess, ogle the busts of coeds from Rhode Island School of Design and Brown, and for Uncle Jack to tell Izzy his secret—he's immortal. Jack's wisdom, money and immortality—a gift Izzy learns he shares with Uncle Jack—catapults Izzy from his life of womanizing and grappling with his insecurities to one of wandering, helping and learning. Read full book review >

Released: May 12, 2011

"A solid, page-turning throwback to the golden age of detective novels."
In his debut novel, Mears introduces Pinkerton detective Michael Temple, a man sent to Berlin in 1934 with one goal: bring back American film star Sara Potter. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2009

"The bighearted Yellow Umbrella discovers unexpected poignancy at a depth deeper than that of most children's books."
Author and artist Dunn turns an everyday object—a yellow umbrella—into a touching tale about the joy of giving selflessly and how small acts of compassion can transcend cultural boundaries. Read full book review >
Released: April 10, 2012

"A stellar thriller that handily juggles its formulaic elements to achieve near-perfect liftoff."
Debut author Steere shows off his air-and-space mastery in this swashbuckling tale of Apollo 18, the moon landing that never was. Read full book review >