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Released: April 30, 1992

"An invaluable update that leaves no doubt that the time to effect meaningful change has grown extremely short, but that nevertheless shuns gloom and doom to be boldly pragmatic about the future."
An impressive sequel to the controversial and influential Limits to Growth (1972) prepared by three of the authors of that environmental clarion call and based on worldwide data compiled during the past 20 years. Read full book review >


THE FIFTH ELEMENT by Jorgen Brekke
Released: Feb. 28, 2017

"The intricately linked plotlines will appeal to puzzle fans. But it's Brekke's prodigious powers of invention, his ability to keep coming up with unforgettable characters and indelible episodes, that lift this above his own earlier work and most of the heavy Nordic competition."
Forgoing the historical excursions that tangled the first two cases of Trondheim's Inspector Odd Singsaker (Dreamless, 2015, etc.), Brekke mingles the immediate past, present, and future to produce an even more tangled, but deeply rewarding, tale. Read full book review >


THE MAN WHO KEPT HOUSE by Peter Christian Asbjornsen
Released: Oct. 30, 1992

"Spirited, accessible, and true to the story's native flavor—an excellent edition. (Picture book. 3-9)"
A smoothly updated, basically intact rendition of the tale Dasent called ``The Husband Who Was to Mind the House,'' with lively illustrations by a Danish Andersen Medal winner. Read full book review >