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Released: Nov. 1, 1939

"Mike's shovel, almost human in his eyes, is outdated, so he takes her to a small town, and contracts to dig a cellar in a day. He does it, but shuts himself and his shovel, into the cellar. How this is solved to the delight of everyone makes an amusing wind-up. Good pictures"
This is a sure favorite with the small child whose interest is concentrated on mechanical objects (and there are many such). Read full book review >


Released: June 15, 1941

"Written to young moderns order."
Do we have to have them — these variations on the comic strip and the modern hair raisers? Read full book review >


CALICO THE WONDER HORSE by Virginia Lee Burton
Released: June 15, 1950

"Sophisticated black and white pictures tell the spoofing story of the capture of bad man Stewy Stinker and his gang by Hank and Calico. Too ''silly'' for those who like their cowboys straight — but the satire may tickle others not so solemnly indoctrinated.</p>"
<p>Due undoubtedly to the reputation of this author acquired in the interim, the publishers are re-issuing this early book of 1941. Read full book review >


THE LITTLE HOUSE by Virginia Lee Burton
Released: June 1, 1942

"Virginia Burton has a sense of pattern that makes her pictures almost like a tapestry."
From what is available,this promises to be another beguiling book in the series which includes Choo Choo and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Read full book review >


LIFE STORY by Virginia Lee Burton
Released: May 6, 1962

"In the end the story zeroes in on four scenes in the space of one day, focussing directly on the place of the individual on an everchanging planet."
The story of the Earth's evolution from the time it swirled as a "red hot fiery ball of matter" to the planet we know today is depicted in terms of the various stages of development. Read full book review >


CHOO CHOO by Virginia Lee Burton
Released: Jan. 1, 1937

"Modern feel to the sprawly illustrations, and a story with a moral not too obviously applied."
We must have missed this when it appeared in 1937. Read full book review >


Released: June 15, 1952

"You'll cheer too when the Citizen's Committee wins out."
People who voted "yes" in the San Francisco cable car question will love every page of this book and so will their children. Read full book review >


Just Maagy by Virginia Burton Stringer
Released: Oct. 3, 2014

"An uneven coming-of-age tale with an engaging heroine."
In this YA fantasy novel, the first in a planned series, an impulsive, spoiled young princess begins maturing into a wise, responsible ruler. Read full book review >


THE FROG BRIDE by Antonia Barber
Released: July 1, 2008

"The text is clear and rhythmic, and the images draw the eye again and again. (Picture book/fairy tale. 6-9)"
This sumptuous version of a traditional Russian story holds within it fragments of other fairy tales familiar to American readers. Read full book review >


PERSEPHONE by Sally Pomme Clayton
Released: March 1, 2009

"A beautiful retelling of an enduring myth. (Picture book/mythology. 7-10)"
When Hades sees Persephone gathering flowers in a field, he carries her off to the underworld to be his queen. Read full book review >


AMAN by Aman
Released: Sept. 12, 1994

"Nonetheless, a unique and rich account of life in a fascinating and troubled land."
A lyrical first-hand account of a complex and charismatic modern-day African heroine. ``Aman'' (a pseudonym meaning ``trustworthy'' in Arabic) is a gifted narrator who recounted her tumultuous life first to anthropologist Barnes, who died in 1990 before the project was completed, and then to Barnes's designated successor, Boddy (Cultural Anthropology/Univ. of Toronto). Read full book review >


by Jennie K.

BOOK REPORT for Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee

Cover Story: Montell Jordan

BFF Charm: Platinum Edition x 2

Swoonworthy Scale: 7

Talky Talk: Going Out West

Bonus Factors: Diversity, Oregon Trail, Shakespearean Retelling

Relationship Status: Friends Forever


Cover Story: Montell Jordan

I adore this cover. It’s so simple, but manages to incorporate so many story references: the ...

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