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TAGGERUNG by Brian Jacques


A Tale from Redwall

by Brian Jacques

Age Range: 10 & up

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2001
ISBN: 0-399-23720-8
Publisher: Philomel

Otters star in the 14th Redwall adventure (The Legend of Luke, 2000, etc.), holding the line against evil in their make-believe world. This time the wild vermin Juskarath believe a baby has been born that will become the “Taggerung,” a legendary fighter who can empower their tribe. The baby belongs to domesticated otters at Redwall, so the Juskarath steal the cub. Raised as a savage, “Tagg” indeed becomes a fearsome warrior, but his virtuous nature triumphs over his barbarous nurturing and he refuses to kill. Tagg leaves the Juskarath and teams up with Nimbalo, a tough little fightin’ mouse. The two trek about the land, making friends and battling evil. They’re trailed by the menacing Juskarath until all meet at Redwall Abbey for the final showdown. Meanwhile, Tagg’s sister Mhera and the old badgermum Cregga preside over the constant feasting at the Abbey, pondering puzzles until the otter family is reunited. Readers of all ages who enjoy fantasy can happily lose themselves in Redwall’s cozy world, where they’ll enjoy zestful fights, lengthy descriptions of scrumptious food, and endearing animals speaking in thick dialects. Jacques’s characters vibrate with personality, and he clearly delineates the differences between a life of friendship and one of savagery. It’s great fun, and not just for Redwall fans. (Fiction. 10+)