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THE PEARLS OF LUTRA by Brian Jacques


by Brian Jacques & illustrated by Allan Curless

Age Range: 9 - 14

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1997
ISBN: 0-399-22946-9
Publisher: Philomel

 Jacques (The Great Redwall Feast, 1996, etc.) has outdone himself in this ninth Redwall epic, weaving strands of a thrilling tale into a complex, persuasive whole. Opening when hedgehog maid Tansy and squirrel child Arven find a skeleton in Mossflower wood, the story features Ublaz Mad Eyes, the evil pine marten who rules the tropical island, Sampetra, populated by a vile lot of seascum. Ublaz burns to possess the Pearls of Lutra--six rose-colored pearls of unparalleled beauty- -stolen by his command years before and lost when their greedy captors tried to keep them for themselves. There is Grath Longfletch, intent on revenge, and kindly old Abbot Durrell, who is captured by searats and carried off to Sampetra. Deciphering elaborate clues in cryptic verse, Tansy leads the treasure hunt for the pearls--hidden in Redwall Abbey--and breaks their spell forever. The fast-paced, meaty text jumps from Redwall to Sampetra to the high seas, each time leaving readers on the edge of their seats, until gradually the various branches of the story converge in a glorious climax. With several strong female characters, fewer battles, and more mystery--as well as the usual complement of humorous sidekicks and mouthwatering feasts--this is a victory for Redwall. (Fiction. 9-14)