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SHINOBI by Cole Gibsen


From the Katana series, volume 3

by Cole Gibsen

Pub Date: March 8th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-7387-3911-3
Publisher: Flux

Rileigh, a beautiful reincarnated samurai, is starting a new life in the finale to the Katana trilogy, which tones down the action even as it ramps up the supernatural suspense.

Rileigh, sassy and courageous, has now graduated from high school and is reunited with Kim, with whom she’s been in love for over 500 years. However, before she and Kim can begin a normal life as contemporary older teens, their powerful nemesis, the murderer Sumi, is back to get what she’s always wanted: Kim. Sumi performs a ritual that enables her to switch bodies with Rileigh. Rileigh is horrified to find her psyche and soul trapped within the body of the woman she’s loathed for centuries, and her ki is weakening by the moment. If she can’t find a way back into her own body quickly, she will be stuck forever. With Kim by her side, she begins a fraught journey to regain her identity and convince her fellow samurai that she is Rileigh, though in the wrong body. Adding dimension to the tale, the engrossing flashback chapters to 1400s Japan detail Sumi’s heart-poisoning history in the hands of a cruel kidnapper.

A swift tale of romance for the young teen with a warrior heart.

(Paranormal romance. 12-15)