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THE STONE COLD AGE by Jeffrey Brown


From the Lucy & Andy Neanderthal series, volume 2

by Jeffrey Brown ; illustrated by Jeffrey Brown

Age Range: 9 - 12

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-385-38838-2
Publisher: Crown

Neanderthal siblings return for a blustery infoventure in the Ice Age.

Lucy and Andy meet and welcome into their cave an extended, racially diverse family of humans. Andy is less than enthusiastic about the arrangement, but Lucy is glad to have Sasha, a little black girl, and the others to pal around with. Between hunts for food, the adults search for a nearby cave for the humans to move into. The kids play in the snow, do chores, visit a glacier, and visit the Neanderthal family’s summer cave at the beach. Can the families outsmart cave bear Big Bob and appropriate his cave for the humans, or will they live together forever? Modern-day fictional commentators Pam (a white woman) and Eric (a black man) return as well to explain (usually with jokes) and expand on the actual science and discoveries behind the events in Lucy and Andy’s comic-strip adventures. Science-y tidbits dot the narrative panels (usually followed by sarcastic one-liners), and the whole is followed by a museum list, a Q-and-A, and myth-busters about cavemen, all conveyed in a light tone. No further reading or works cited make this problematic as an informational source, but for the paleontologically inclined, it’s a fast, funny read with likable kid characters.

Captivated kids will be happy to see that Book 3 is on its way. (Graphic historical fiction. 9-12)