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Stories and Solutions from Addicts, Professionals, and Families

by Kathy L.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-57324-495-4
Publisher: Conari Press

A self-described former addict and the 12-Step Recovery Editor for, Kathy L. chaperones readers through the intimidating world of addiction intervention, complete with professional advice and tales from those who kicked the habit.

While reality television has popularized the concept of dramatic, group-style interventions, the book advises making an informed decision first, stressing that there are many types of intervention and rash actions may undermine attempts to help. The author targets those who already know their loved one faces a serious addiction, so readers on the fence should seek another source of information. In conversational language, Kathy outlines the differences between formal interventions led by professionals, and the more common informal interventions, in which loved ones decide to simply stop enabling the addiction. She also discusses how to choose a detox program and describes the importance of finding a 12-step program for long-term sobriety. The majority of the book consists of personal stories from addicts and their families, including tales of alcoholism, narcotics addiction, pathological gambling, sex addiction and eating disorders. The author follows each train wreck through to eventual recovery, and offers advice for others. As in most 12-step programs, emphasis is placed on finding a “higher power” to pull strength from, and some readers may dislike the book’s religious undertones and War-On-Drugs approach to marijuana, which is depicted as a “a gateway drug” that easily escalates into heroin.

More of a motivational source than a true how-to manual, but offers a frank portrayal of addiction and recovery.