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by Kingsley AmisRobert Conquest

Pub Date: Feb. 7th, 1965
Publisher: Random House

The Egyptologists are the members of the Metropolitan Egyptological Society housed in London, and just what goes on or comes off in the Isis Room is not revealed until the end of this long legpull. It is also withheld from their wives who, in boredom, form a solid bloc; but when they are summoned by the Yard (the Superintendent insists on admission), threatened with the visitation of an outsider and a public viewing on television, it all becomes sufficiently Pharanoid to result in their dissolution. "We're twee; you see. We know so well that what we're up to is the least twee of human activities..." Well, you can skip the hieroglyphic twee and settle down to being twitted with some aimless nonsense. Most of the characters are faceless but one of them could be Peter Sellers.