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IN A FIX by Linda Grimes


by Linda Grimes

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7653-3180-9
Publisher: Tor

First entry in an urban fantasy series, from newcomer Grimes.

Ciel Halligan is an “aura adaptor,” meaning she can take on the exact appearance and demeanor of another person. Professionally, this ability enables her, with a little research, to undetectably replace her clients in situations where the clients find it inconvenient to be themselves. The fat paychecks don’t come amiss either. The only blot on the horizon is the smothering, overprotective attitude of cousin Billy (being adopted, he’s not actually related) and CIA operative Mark; both share her talent, and neither thinks anything of snooping through her files. Ciel also has a huge and longstanding crush on Mark, which makes for amatory complications. Ciel’s current assignment is a plum: masquerading as Mina, a stunningly attractive society girl, so Mina can take care of other business while Trey, her gorgeous hunk of an about-to-be fiance, pops the question in a luxury bungalow on a tropical resort island. Fun stuff, not to mention the prospect of hopping into the sack with Trey—until Trey suddenly vanishes and the bungalow explodes into flinders. Whodunit, and why? Well, a bunch of modern-day Vikings who, it turns out, have designs other than just adopting manly postures and dressing their womenfolk in early medieval garb. Ciel, despite the strictures imposed by Billy and Mark, refuses to be sidelined and gets on with her own investigation. Despite Mark’s continuing allure, Ciel—in between getting half-drowned and shot at—notices that Billy, beneath all his teasing and banter, is pretty hot, too. But can she convince them that she is, in fact, competent to run her own life?

Bright, fizzy, sexy and amusing—the perfect antidote to an attack of post-summer blues.