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An Interdisciplinary Approach To Problems Of Soviet Character

by Margaret Mead

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1951
ISBN: 0313210810
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Under the direction of Dr. Margaret Mead, this study accomplished through the and Corporation, a private research organization, is an enlightening and spellbinding sport on our bewildering Communist antagonists. With the threefold aim of systematic interpretation of existing information, correcting the erroneous tendency of Americans view Soviet behavior as if it were American, and to lay the basis for future research; he report discusses the peculiar Soviet invention of the Party Line, the Soviet concept of leadership, of personality, the integrity of Soviet leadership, authority relationships at different levels and the organization of the Party which in one aspect is to include each individual in the state, and yet in another acts as a check for the possibility that the masses may be led astray. In concluding, the study mentions two possible sources of weakness within the system — an increase in armaments may mean (1) the owing generation may not be able to carry on the development of Soviet society, (2) rule by the political police may produce friction. A strength foreseen is a rise in the standard of living with resultant stabilization of the society. The eye-opener in his study, in the analysis of the curiously "Puritan" ideal of Soviet personality, with to emphasis on rigid self-discipline, self-analysis and single-minded devotion to a which may encompass any amount of what, to us, are contradations in the attainment. an understanding of Soviet logic and lack of it in foreign relationships, in domestic urges and fabrications, this is essential reading for every American. The study is used on direct sources from Soviet publications, movies, novels, speeches of Lenin and and interviews with Russian refugees and emigres. In straight-forward style and object this may well reach into the popular market and critical attention is assured. forget the surprise success of her Keep Your Powder Dry.