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METRIC CAN BE FUN! by Munro Leaf


illustrated by Munro Leaf

Pub Date: May 12th, 1976
ISBN: 0397316798
Publisher: Lippincott

Though Leaf's stick figures might help demystify the subject, they don't (despite his title) make it look as much like fun as Lustig's cartoons did in Branley's similarly simple but stronger Measure with Metric last year. Advising readers to "forget that you have ever heard of inches, feet, . . . pecks and bushels," Leaf gives them a decimeter-long guide to making a meter stick--from which a liter box can follow--and a number of suggestions, as to what to measure. As for units of weight, if you haven't a metric scale, "check labels in stores for a general idea." For those who can't quite forget the old way, equivalents are appended. Usable, but it can't measure up to the Branley.