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MIAMI by Pat Booth


by Pat Booth

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1992
ISBN: 0-517-58415-8
Publisher: Crown

 Bicoastal (Malibu, Palm Beach, etc.) steam and megabuck specialist Booth returns to Florida to dish up the modeling business and flack for the city of bright T-shirts. Earthshaking sex and multimillion-dollar contracts keep life interesting for pretty Palm Beach orphan Christa Kenwood as she makes the transition from most fabulously desirable and highest- paid model in the universe to canny, hard-dealing--but still fabulously desirable and superultra-rich--modeling agent. Christa- -whose hard, selfish, thoughtless parents crashed their station wagon, killing themselves and Christa's beloved younger sister and leaving Christa penniless--is about to pull off a modeling-business coup, packaging herself, new modeling queen of the universe Lisa Rodriguez (who has just made herself an orphan), and hottest photographer on earth Steve Pitts for offer to the highest bidder. Christa's cosmetic mogul Palm Beach neighbor Mary Whitney buys the package in order to launch her new perfume, India--a scent soon to be renamed for the city of deep-toned espadrilles. Christa's chief distraction from the photo-cosmetic wheeling and dealing is craggy, superultra-incorruptible Key West novelist Peter Stein. Christa and Mary's chief distraction is handsome, superultra-religious tennis and diving instructor Rob Sand. Everybody is distracted by everybody else's hard-as-rocks glutei maximi, so nobody notices that sadistic, spurned New York modeling agent and monster Johnny Rossetti is planning to take his revenge on the defenseless females. Click. Flash. Pant. Gasp. Ka-ching-g-g-g.