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by Pearl Cleage

Pub Date: May 10th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-345-50636-8
Publisher: One World/Random House

Five sexy vampires show up in Atlanta, causing considerable consternation for local godfather Blue Hamilton and his wife Regina.

Led by the otherwordly Serena Mayflower, the “Too Fine Five” have a reputation that precedes them. An impossibly thin group of models who always appear together, they come to Blue Hamilton’s West End turf to ostensibly shoot an Essence magazine spread. But their real purpose, as Blue intuits, is far more sinister. The girls are actually vampires come to collect five Morehouse college seniors they intend to take back to their island lair to use for breeding purposes. The boys made the deal in exchange for college scholarships, and want to get out of their contracts in order to avoid an ultimately grisly fate. Seems there is an expiration date on their stud services. They have a way out, but it hinges on a woman in each of their lives “testifying” that they are a good man. Unfortunately, the irresponsible lads have all burned those bridges, to Blue’s disgust. He is left to intervene, by any means necessary, to save the guys. He even enlists his old friend Peachy, now married to Regina’s clairvoyant Aunt Abbie, to help do the deeds. Regina, meanwhile, comes up with a risky plan of her own to send the ladies packing, by appealing to the human emotions they may have once had. Adding vampires to her familiar message of social responsibility, Cleage (Till You Hear from Me, 2010, etc.) sure seems to be having a good time, even if the integration of the two genres can be clunky.

Vampy romp best appreciated by existing fans of the West End series.