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THE ILLUSTRATED MAN by Ray Bradbury Kirkus Star


by Ray Bradbury

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1950
ISBN: 0062079972
Publisher: Doubleday

Scientific fiction enclosed in a frame -- wanderer meets a tattooed man whose images foretell the future, leaving a space to preview the destiny of the viewer. Here is an open circuit on ideas, which range from religion, to racial questions, to the atom bomb, rocket travel (of course), literature, escape to the past, dreams and hypnotism, children and their selfish and impersonal acceptance of immediate concepts, robots, etc. Note that here the emphasis is on fiction instead of science, and that the stories -- in spite of space and futurities -- have some validity, even if the derivations can be traced. Sample The Veldt, or This Man, or Fire Balloons, or The Last Night In the World for the really special qualities. A book which is not limited by its special field.