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CLAUDIUS THE GOD by Robert Graves Kirkus Star


by Robert Graves

Pub Date: April 1st, 1935
ISBN: 0679725733
Publisher: Smith & Haas

I, Claudius was one of the dark horse surprises of 1934. Claudius, the God is, if possible, an even better book. A sequel, it carries on from where the earlier book left off, but it is complete in itself, and can stand on its own merits. A good chance, however, for a plus sale of the first book. Same gossipy style, keen sense of the dramatic, brilliant characterization. The thirteen years of his reign, the problems, -- financial, political, moral, military, diplomatic -- that he faces as a ruler; his hopes and aims; his personal worries about Mossalina, all culminating in the complete disintegration of his character and his right about face, a tragic . There is more of Claudius, the man, but no scamping of the background of profligate Rome. Herod is, perhaps, the most colorful character -- as Livia was in the other book -- though he shares honors with Kenephon and the wily Messalina. A book for an immediate sale, and for the long pull. An essential public library item. Publishers have posters and imprinted postcards.