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THE FIXER by Teresa E. Woods


by Teresa E. Woods

Pub Date: May 29th, 2012
Publisher: Manuscript

The compelling tale of a female fixer, who, à la Dexter, dispatches baddies while examining her own dark proclivities.

In the Pacific Northwest, lovely, insightful psychologist Lydia Corriger welcomes a new patient, the equally lovely Savannah Samuels, who’s guilty of doing “awful things and not caring.” Around them, people are dying: investment banker and con artist Gordon Halloway; lowlife Angelo “Satan” Santanell, Jr.; and university researcher Fred Bastian, who was cruel to lab animals, especially Ortoo, a silverback gorilla. The latest body to drop is that of lab assistant Wally Buchner, a co-worker of Bastian’s. When Seattle detective and widower Mort Grant investigates, he crosses paths with Lydia, who can read people like they’re Ikea catalogs. Lydia attempts to learn more about her enigmatic patient, Savannah, and her connection, if any, to Fred Bastian and his fiancée, Cameron Williams, former trophy girlfriend of billionaire Bradley Wells. Also, someone—using a voice synthesizer to keep his identity a secret—is on to the Fixer’s game; a DVD of the Fixer eliminating Fred Bastian ensures cooperation. Typically in control of every situation while operating by principles that involve making the world a better place, the Fixer is now only a pawn to the self-interested “Private Number.” Despite occasional spelling errors, incorrect usage and missing words, the story is a first-rate chiller. There’s sufficient character development and back story in Lydia and Mort, and together they become the heart of the tale. Romance may be in the wind, so readers will hope that the pair can somehow come out on top in spite of the mayhem surrounding them. Amid twist after twist, sleazebags are exposed for the scum they are. Although not a police procedural per se, there’s enough command in the criminal scenes to instill belief that the author knows her stuff, right down to canine Bruiser who lost his bark from an on-the-job injury. Pacing is pitch-perfect with the kind of aha moments readers cherish.

Solid characters, unpredictable twists and excellent plotting; a must-read for those who enjoy crime fiction.