Reprints, Permissions, & Excerpting Policy

All excerpts must be attributed to “Kirkus Reviews” in italics, and industry standard best practices for proper excerpting must be followed. These practices include, but are not limited to, the following guidelines:

When excerpting from a blog post, do not attribute the quote to “Kirkus Reviews.” Instead, please use the following format: "[blog name] at" (e.g., Bookshelves of Doom at

Examples of proper excerpts and attributions:

“An engrossing, haunting story about making up for lost time.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A wonderfully written, provocative novel that utilizes two distinct genres to promote progressive cultural messages.” —Kirkus Reviews

Starred reviews may be designated by adding “(starred review)” in parentheses behind “Kirkus Reviews.”

Examples of proper attribution of a starred review

“A powerful saga of love and survival.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Powered by relentless pacing and jaw-dropping plot twists throughout, Bannon's debut novel is a science-fiction thriller of the highest order . . . In a word: mind-blowing.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

In compliance with fair use laws, publishers may excerpt up to 35% of a review for marketing purposes.

All reviews acquired through the Kirkus Indie program must be published in their entirety on before any portion of the reviews are published (online or in print) for any use. To publish your Indie review on, please email with a notice of your permission. Kirkus will publish the review at no extra cost to you and reply to your email with a link to your review on our website. If you choose to publish your review on, Kirkus reserves the right  to promote, publish and distribute it without limitation. Please note that if Kirkus does not receive permission to publish your review on, it will be kept private.




To inquire about reprint rights (if you’re interested in publishing the review in its entirety), email

If you have questions about our excerpting policies, please email

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