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David Myles Robinson is a retired Honolulu, Hawaii trial attorney. He has published seven novels, four of which are Honolulu based legal thrillers. Robinson was born and raised in California and is a graduate of San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco School of Law. His mother, a former Hollywood talent agent, moved to Honolulu in 1967 and after spending all of his summers and other vacations in Hawaii (including a semester stint at the University of Hawaii), Robinson and his wife, Marcia Waldorf, moved to Honolulu to practice law, where they lived and worked for thirty-eight years. Waldorf went on to become a trial judge. Robinson won several legal awards and was a one-time president of the Hawaii trial lawyers association.

Upon retirement, the two moved to Taos, New Mexico, where Robinson pursues his passions of writing, skiing, golfing, and traveling. The two have traveled to all seven continents and have been to sub-Saharan Africa a dozen times. Robinson's one non-fiction book is Conga Line on the Amazon, a mostly humorous travel memoir of their adventure travels.



BY • POSTED ON Oct. 1, 2020

A lawyer—defending a client accused of murder—gets drawn into a murky conspiracy that involves the mob, Russian corruption, and a lucrative business deal in this fourth installment of a series.

When Peter Roosevelt is shot dead in his Hawaii home, the obvious suspect is Wayson Takei, a successful businessman infamous for his “world-class temper.” Peter was sleeping with Wayson’s wife, Lei, who had just left her husband and filed for divorce, a humiliation that provoked wounded pride more than jealousy in the entrepreneur. Furthermore, the gun used to kill Peter belongs to Wayson, the last contribution to a pile of evidence that lands him in jail, held on a prohibitive $2 million bail. Pancho McMartin, a private attorney and the star of this series, takes on Wayson as a client and quickly discovers another possibility: that Peter’s murder had something to do with a business deal he effectively thwarted, a multimillion-dollar development project he opposed on environmental grounds. Peter’s neighbor Barry Williamson was among the principal architects of the deal and stood to lose everything. Even more suspicious is the involvement of Las Vegas businessman Joe Malen, a “shady character” with ties to organized crime who may have once been a Russian oligarch. Robinson packs the novel’s plot with a generous measure of action, and the tale maintains an enjoyably brisk pace. This is a legal thriller with an intriguing political dimension—ultimately the Russian element of the story ties into a corrupt American governor—but it avoids any pretensions to literary greatness or even nuance. The author’s goal seems to be the production of easily digestible entertainment and some artfully crafted suspense, both of which are ably provided.

A pleasant and well-executed crime drama.

Pub Date: Oct. 1, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-948749-67-1

Page count: 230pp

Publisher: Terra Nova Books

Review Posted Online: Dec. 1, 2020

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Tropical Doubts: Book Excellence Awards, 2020

Tropical Doubts: Readers’ Favorite, 2019


Conga Line on the Amazon

David Myles Robinson was eight years old when he first got hooked on travel. Since then, he’s seen most of the world—all its continents plus, he laments, “far too many places where travel is now off-limits.”After a lifetime of visiting near and far, in heat and in cold, in comfort and in danger, Robinson has put it all together now in this unique collection of the varied travel adventures he’s found—and the lessons he’s learned from them. A Fellini-esque view of the Amazon, a Mercedes caravan to Istanbul, Jane Goodall's amazing chimps—just part of a travel trunk full of experiences guaranteed to keep you seesawing from “Boy, I'd love to do that" to “Sure glad it was him, not me.”In Conga Line on the Amazon, Robinson brings to his first travel book the same gift for intriguing narrative and sharp characterization that has won praise for his six highly successful novels. Some of his tales may be for the strong of heart, but they’re all for the reader with a yen to be entertained by one intrepid man’s adventures and misadventures exploring the strange and wonderful world we live in.
Published: Sept. 27, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-948749-46-6

Son of Saigon

Hank and Norm were living the good life: two friends with plenty of money, homes in a lovely California retirement town, and no problems—except for the boredom that felt almost fatal. Then Mai came into the picture, the love of Hank’s life during his CIA days in Saigon, desperately needing his help to save the son he’d never known he had. Boredom was over, as Hank and Norm hit the road, following the few clues Mai could give them in search of a man who desperately wants not to be found. What they find is a slew of lies and hidden truths, strange characters, improbable danger that has them fighting to survive, and the happy lesson that their lives are far from over.
Published: Aug. 16, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-948749-00-8

The Pinochet Plot

Successful San Francisco attorney Will Muñoz has heard of the brutal former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, of course, but it's not until he receives his mother's suicide letter that he has any inkling Pinochet may have had his father, Chilean writer Ricardo Muñoz, assassinated thirty years earlier. Her suspicions spur Will on to a quest to discover the truth about his father's death–and about the psychological forces that have driven his mother to her fatal decision. His journey takes him deep into unexpected darkness linking his current step-father, the CIA, drug-experimentation programs, and a conspiracy of domestic terrorism. The Pinochet Plot is not just a story of a man seeking inner peace; it is also a story of sinister history doomed to repeat itself.
Published: May 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-938288-20-3

Tropical Doubts

Some Honolulu lawyers called Pancho McMartin the best criminal defense attorney in the islands. He’d admit to being pretty damn good. But he was on a losing streak now—three guilty verdicts in a row—and his confidence was sinking fast. When one of his oldest friends, Giselle, was left comatose after surgery and her husband, Manny, pleaded with him to sue the doctors involved, Pancho couldn’t find a way to avoid a new specialty: medical malpractice. But it wasn’t long before the sudden death of one of the defendants—and a murder charge accusing Manny of being the killer—had Pancho back in the old familiar arena of fighting for his client’s life, while at the same time seeking justice for the O.R. errors that had left Giselle in a permanent vegetative state. In Tropical Doubts, the third legal thriller from David Myles Robinson featuring colorful, fast-thinking Pancho McMartin, medical hijinks merge with murder as surprise twists build in this unpredictable courtroom drama.
Published: Sept. 29, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-948749-01-5

Tropical Judgments

Pancho McMartin is back! After one of Hawaii’s most beloved celebrities is murdered, Pancho gets an unexpected call from Judge Makena, the administrative judge. The good judge, short of court appointed attorneys, wants Pancho to represent a young, homeless, black man, Jackson Steele, accused of the murder. But not only has the famously tolerant Aloha State erupted in racial tensions at outrage over the loss of Hawaii’s iconic performer, the evidence against Jackson is compelling. As Pancho reluctantly goes to work for his new client, he and his lead investigator and best friend, Drew Tulafono, find themselves immersed in some of the darker underbellies of this tropical paradise. The problem? There are many on the island with reasons to keep the secrets of the murder just that - secret. Even if it means an innocent young man goes to jail.
Published: July 22, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-60452-100-9

Tropical Lies

Pancho McMartin, Honolulu’s colorful, unpredictable and successful criminal defense attorney will soon take on a client charged with the most brutal, high profile murder in Hawaii’s history. Pancho’s client is a former mercenary, accused of the brutal murder of the man who was once Honolulu’s most sought-after investment counselor. As the case unfolds and the lies are exposed, the evidence against Pancho’s client is overwhelming and Pancho, now desperate, must find a way to prove his client’s innocence. The trial isn’t going well and Pancho is forced to ask himself: is his client really innocent?” Finally, Pancho realizes there is one card he might be able to play in this life and death courtroom drama. It would be the biggest gamble of his professional life. The problem is that if it backfires, not only could it destroy Pancho’s career, but also result in a guilty verdict that would send his client to prison for life. Tropical Lies is an edge of your chair legal thriller of nerve-wracking suspense and surprise twists.
Published: Feb. 3, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-60452-094-1

Unplayable Lie

When Eddie Bennett began playing golf as a way to bond with his father, he quickly displayed a rare talent for the game. After a long and at times tragic road to the PGA Tour, all of the hard work appears to have paid off when it appeared as if Eddie would be a sure candidate for Rookie of the Year. Then Eddie sees something he should not have seen on the back nine of the Congressional Country Club. During a practice round for his first U.S. Open, he witnesses a murder. The killer is the man who will probably be the next President of the United States. He quickly understands his golfing career is ruined, but that is not all. The event forces Eddie underground while he tries to prove what he saw in a bid to get his life back.
Published: July 17, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-60452-075-0