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My first book. My first editorial review. My first-time having that book featured in Kirkus Reviews magazine. I wish it were always that simple to shine.

The Song That Seduced Paris is the first installment about the four members of the Bel Homme Quartet, my romance series about pop-opera singing stars. Chosen from around the world, they're the best that France, England, Italy, and the United States have to offer. I loved writing all four of them.

Before I got to Gabriel, Jamie, Nico, and Michael, though, I wrote radio commercials. They prepared me in the best way possible to make it all up! Hand me a product, and I'll do my best to make it irresistible. Just don't force me to meet it personally because writing for radio is great precisely because it's elusive. On radio, everything is pulled out of the air and put on the air. In 10, 30, or 60 second increments, you rise or you fall on the words and the voice.

But writing romantic stories is even better. Plus, the men are hunks and you get to make them pay for their sins. Writing radio commercials is fun, but in a romance book, you're God. Who doesn't want to be Her?

The Song That Seduced Paris Cover

The Song That Seduced Paris

BY • POSTED ON May 16, 2015

In this debut romance novel, a woman gets a new lease on life while managing four irresistible men training to become the world’s next singing sensation.

Renowned music entrepreneur Teddy Wilson has a vision that’s going to take the industry by storm: a multinational vocal group that combines pop and opera. But he needs a special kind of woman to manage his four talented, egotistical guys. Teddy’s longtime assistant, Harriet, knows just the person for the job: her niece Annie, a music teacher from Detroit who needs something new after losing her husband to cancer 18 months ago. Wounded, gorgeous, and plucky Annie charms Teddy and his singers, whom she aptly dubs Bel Homme (French for “beautiful man”). And she’s up for the challenge of keeping them focused and happy during a summer of intense rehearsals at Teddy’s estate in England, but she doesn’t anticipate falling in love. Though he won’t admit it, French superstar Gabriel Grenier joined the group for a fresh start, too. Already rich and famous, Gabriel is worn out, uninspired, and lonely. Drawn to each other instantly, Annie and Gabriel fight to control their urges, their pasts, and Teddy’s orders not to mix business with pleasure. Irish’s first book in a planned series delivers on many female fantasies: there’s a dreamy man with a sensitive side who knows how to please a woman (on top of a grand piano!), forbidden love, personal growth, even an all-expenses-paid makeover shopping spree. The story features few surprises and little shock factor in terms of plot (Gabriel’s big secret is far from scandalous), but readers will have fun anyway. Though the book opens with an abrupt, graphic description of Teddy receiving a sexual favor from an employee he’s about to fire, later sex scenes—built up slowly, between a couple worth caring about—are poetic and satisfying. Even Teddy gets a chance to redeem himself through a sweet, age-appropriate romance with Harriet. Readers will look forward to love stories involving Bel Homme’s other three eligible bachelors in future installations of the series.

A fun, sexy escape.

Pub Date: May 16, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-942627-01-2

Page count: 338pp

Publisher: Enoch Publications

Review Posted Online: Aug. 18, 2015

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Oct. 1, 2015

The Song That Seduced Paris (The Bel Homme Quartet - Book 1)


Love's Timeless Melody (The Bel Homme Quartet - Book 2)

Opera gets magical! The Bel Homme Quartet saga continues in Book #2 with this mystical standalone story … British member Jamie Stratton joined the world famous pop-opera singing group called “Bel Homme” for one reason only: money. It’s a year later now, and he’s rolling in it. But Jamie also possesses a spiritual side he can’t deny. He was raised by his gran at the most legendary place on earth: Stonehenge. She manages the gift shop there, and Jamie grew up in the flat over the store. His grandmother is an eccentric old bird who reads her Tarot cards and predicts true love is coming into Jamie’s life. Jessica Evans is an American psychic medium from Illinois who’s always believed in astral protection—but then she’s assaulted by a man who does devastating harm to her family. While she lies near death in a coma, she dreams of a stranger who is her destiny. When she finally wakes up and needs a safe place to heal, a hometown tie to the American member of Bel Homme gives her access to the group’s secure compound in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England. That’s when Fate steps in and brings Jamie and Jessie together. But in the midst of their timeless romance, Jamie must deal with a crisis involving his grandmother while Jessie is once again confronted by her brutal attacker—and Jamie is the only one who can save her. Love or money: which would you choose? It’s Jamie’s turn to decide.
Published: Nov. 4, 2015
ISBN: 978-1942627029

Lyrical Bliss In Tuscany (The Bel Homme Quartet – Book 3)

Opera gets sensual in this third installment of The Bel Homme Quartet! Long before primo baritono Nico Biviano from Pisa, Italy becomes a member of the world-famous pop opera singing group Bel Homme, legitimate opera critics love him, and sophisticated opera audiences can’t get enough of him. So why does he step out of his comfort zone and change careers? He wants to attract a more diverse group of fans. Female fans. Where better to find them than in the pop world? But then he meets Gina Madonni, an American who has never had a real sense of belonging anywhere. Gina was raised in a series of foster homes after her mother died, and she never knew her father. She’s filled the void with an endless stream of meaningless men and dreams of making the Big Time as a singer herself, which she does when she’s hired as the opening act for Bel Homme. Falling in love is not on her agenda, but nothing prepares her for the tempest named Nico. Still, Nico is more than a hedonistic superstar. He’s an old-world Italian who cherishes his family. Gina feels like family. So maybe before finding her he was known as “The Unattainable One,” but now he’s become “The Confused One” because falling in love is not in his plans. Is home pleasure or pain? Is love found in the body or the heart? Is it a game or a refuge? Ah . . . l'amore. That journey has now begun . . .
Published: Aug. 24, 2022
ISBN: 978-1942627043

Passion's Perfect Symphony (The Bel Homme Quartet - Book 4)

Opera gets passionate in this final installment of The Bel Homme Quartet! Michael O’Malley, Jr., the American member of the world-famous singing group, Bel Homme, is known as the “Mysterious One.” Even before Michael joined, rumors circulated about his sexual identity. He’s done nothing to encourage them, but he’s done nothing to stop them either. His true passions center around his beloved music. Until recently, Charlee Most was a nurse/administrator in charge of the entire hospice program in Illinois. She’s best friends with Michael’s brother, Patrick. Both Charlee and Patrick have been hired by Bel Homme’s Il Maestro, Teddy Wilson. Charlee is going to care for Teddy’s best friend, Bruno, who is gravely ill. Patrick is an ex-police officer who is going to handle security for the popular singers. Charlee has secrets of her own. She’s cared for gay men all her life, and she knows them extremely well. Although she and Michael share a powerful physical attraction, she’s heard the rumors about his sexuality, and he’s an enigma to her. Who is Michael … really? Michael’s about to give his heart away for the first time in his life, but he’s also in danger from a revengeful, homophobic fan—plus, he’s seriously ill himself. Nothing is as it seems, and you won’t want to miss any of this blockbuster ending of The Bel Homme Quartet! Only one thing is certain, though: Passion burns best in a dark, quiet room.
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