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Dennis was born in Italy and currently lives in Florida. He began writing in 2011 and has published numerous short stories, informational articles, video game reviews, and novels. Influenced by television and movie scripts more than novels, his stories tend to lean towards a more visual portrayal. Dennis also learned proper editing techniques by working with Chuck Sambuchino.
Part time gym rat and full time writer, he's ready to expand and see his tales come to life on the big screen. While scifi and fantasy are his bread and butter, he often mixes a touch of horror into his work, so some of his books like Cayneian, although a fantasy adventure, bear a resemblance to H.P Lovecraft titles. Other titles, like the Lokians scifi series, are reminiscent of Aliens or Star Ship Troopers. He also enjoys physical comedy and tries his best to work a little humor into stories like The Adventures of Larson Garrett, which remind people of the old Hercules, the Legendary Journeys television show.
Dennis is a cat person and has a little, furry friend named Spoofles.



BY Aaron Dennis • POSTED ON July 13, 2015

A mercenary strives to learn his true identity in a war-torn world in this fantasy.

The world of Tiamhaal is ravaged by warfare. Numerous tribes fight for deities like Zmaj, the All God. Gen. Dumar guides a small force outside Satrone, an arid territory ruled by the Kulshedrans. Zoltek, the head of these warriors from Usaj, has allowed a mysterious mercenary named Scar to lead the charge. Scar is pale, hairless, and heals quickly from any injury. When Zoltek’s son, Urdu, insists on dueling the mercenary for the right to lead, Scar beheads the arrogant whelp. Dumar, Scar, and the rest form a plan to secretly capture several towers in an effort to unseat King Gilgamesh of Satrone. If Scar can help accomplish this, Zoltek has promised to ask Zmaj about the mercenary’s true origin. But when the siege of one tower goes wrong, Dumar decides to betray Scar. The mercenary escapes, with vengeful feelings against Zoltek filling his heart. He then meets a Kulshedran named Labolas Sulas, who claims to be on a mission from Gilgamesh to retrieve Scar—whom he calls Brandt. Further, Labolas reveals that Scar is the lost ruler of an ancient nation called Alduheim. Gilgamesh needs Scar to unite all the lands under Kulshedra, God of Truth. Dennis begins his fantasy series with an intriguing mystery to spur his protagonist through a violent world. Conan the Barbarian fans will enjoy the narrative’s dour tone, punctuated by moments of intense brutality, as when Scar “bashed the paladin’s head in with three quick strikes. The helmet made an awful, wet, smacking sound upon rupturing with brains.” Readers will need patience while Scar navigates a world crowded with gods, including Drac and Naga. Scar’s own religious beliefs are: “You should not be concerned with how” someone “feels, so long as he is not imposing on you.” Generally, events sweep Scar along from one location to the next, and the plot unfolds without any direction from the protagonist. In a dream, a being called Eternus renames the mercenary Sarkany, the slayer of dragons. In the following installments, Dennis’ hero will hopefully possess more agency.

A slow, engaging, and violent fantasy series opener.

Pub Date: July 13, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-5150-6345-2

Page count: 393pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: Feb. 25, 2021



BY Aaron Dennis • POSTED ON May 25, 2015

This series opener sees a warrior determined to free an island from a Daemon’s grasp.

Dysart of clan Bloodhammer has lost his sloop and is now washed ashore on the island of Volgunther. He’s immediately set upon by savages, but thankfully a man named Talbot saves Dysart with his bow and arrows. At his nearby cabin, Talbot learns that his guest has no tongue. Then Dysart draws a rune in hog’s blood on his throat, which allows him to speak. He explains that his people, the Cayne, once inhabited the island. They also woke a Daemon called Salamandrus, making a pact with the entity for power that involved the ritual of Sang Daemanus. Later, they sealed the Daemon away, but “instead of ending their service to Salamandrus, they departed from this place, hoping to retain their power.” Dysart has come to end his people’s accord and make Volgunther a hospitable island once more. After obtaining an axe and other supplies from Talbot, he travels east toward a settlement. He saves a pyromancer named Randall from wolf men and drinks their blood to receive heightened senses and healing abilities. But Dysart concludes that his rune for speech will fade without the esper oil derived from a plant somewhere on the island. Randall joins him, and they head for Etmire Abbey, where they encounter the Order of the Cross. Dysart will need every ally he can find as he battles through monstrous hordes toward Salamandrus’ lair in Castle Golvundehr. Dennis (War and Glory, 2017, etc.) squeezes all the gore he can from his muscular imagination to enhance his novel, which recalls the viscera-strewn adventures of fantasy icons like Conan and Elric. Readers learn early on about Dysart’s magic: “Animal blood is effective, if weak. Human blood is potent, if unsavory...but Daemon’s blood makes us unstoppable.” This results in a marathon of grisly dispatches—encounters with frog men, murderous plants, zombies, and worse—that propel the hero but also fuel his addiction to power. While the plot is somewhat linear, the gruesome premise shines blackly throughout. Dysart not only needs blood, but he’s also traded his tongue, his testicles (“that we might not realize our own power as humans”), and his mind as an initiate of Sang Daemanus. Fighting at his side are characters like Pattius, a thief; Marcus, a knight; and Reman, a young orphan. The author often fleshes out these warriors just enough to draw from readers a meaningful wince as he sacrifices them to Dysart’s cause. A dreadful ambience hovers even in quieter moments, as in the line “Only darkened hills loomed in the distance. Everything else was flat grassland molded by gusts of wind.” The dialogue during combat scenes is appropriately maniacal (“Blast you, croakers! Fall to the wrath of Randall!”), yet Dysart is capable of speaking beautifully. In cautioning Talbot, whose family is dead, he says: “Hold their memory dearly, and do not rush to see them.” Though the violence grows monotonous, a finale bristling with invention redeems the work.

A bloodbath that should impress readers of the grimmest fantasy tales.

Pub Date: May 25, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-5123-6985-4

Page count: 310pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: Dec. 7, 2018

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Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1

Intelligent races travel through wormholes to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Thewls inform Humans of a looming threat. Lokians are a ravenous race of space bugs. They harvest technology from advanced civilizations and integrate with it to mass produce living ships, dangerous vanguards, and formidable legions. Captain O'Hara of Phoenix Crew travels with Thewls to retrieve an ancient vessel from a mysterious race simply known as travelers. Can a single craft be the key to saving the galaxy? Why do Thewls believe the travelers once visited Earth? Does O'Hara and Phoenix Crew have what it takes to obliterate the space bugs? Captain O'Hara of Phoenix Crew finds himself traveling across the galaxy with strange aliens in order to find another race of aliens believed to have had a hand in creating humans. These mysterious aliens once defeated the Lokians, a race of insect-like creatures spliced with technology, who roam the galaxy only in search of destruction. While expertly trained by Earth Navy, O'Hara finds that battling space bugs is no picknick. Members of his crew die during the harrowing mission, which ends with O'Hara and his dwindling crew capturing a live Lokian vessel, commandeering it, flying it into subspace, and blowing up the alien queen.
Published: Sept. 18, 2016
ISBN: 9781537479279


Are we not all taught who we are supposed to be? What if who we are conflicts with who we want to be? She was taught to be Eudora, but she must be something quite different. A young woman who endured a terrible childhood becomes the wife of a drunk only to revert to the monster she once was.
Published: June 12, 2012
ISBN: 9781476244211


Mr. Gray has been hunting zombies for a long time. Hiding, scavenging, killing-this is surviving now. As Gray moves from town to city, and city to prairie, he leaves a few notes for others in his travels, but who is looking out for him? In the year 2017 a worldwide calamity befalls the population. Poison clouds cause strange afflictions relegating major portions of the populace as a sort of walking dead. Among them, Mr. Gray is not affected and decides to go off hunting. Hiding, scavenging, and killing his way across the States, Gray keeps sane by writing in his journal. After food and other supplies run low he moves from town to town before coming across a farmhouse.
Published: June 25, 2012
ISBN: 9781476034461

Losing Human

A man has a dream, a vision to see the world through eternal eyes. Dr. Heisler, roboticist, funds Project Human to advance the human race. After funding is diminished, he takes drastic measures and uploads a human awareness into a mobile robotic construct. The doctor, with limitless data at his fingertips, becomes deranged and attacks The United States.
Published: April 1, 2013
ISBN: 9781301538294


A man witnesses a murder. The deceased speaks in riddles. Vertigo settles in…. Adja wakes to learn he’s got the mojo. The old woman teaches him the ways of Voodoo. He must stand alone, under the guidance of Bear, against Snake, a villain, a murderer, an innate force, but there are other forces amidst the crack between the worlds. Are you brave enough to journey…to the otherside? A loser is hanging out with his buddy in New Orleans, but as he runs off in search of more hooch, he witnesses a murder. The dead man is a shadowman, someone who travels between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and with his dying breath, he passes unto the protagonist, henceforth called Adja, his mysterious powers in order to kill Snake, another shadowman. Adja passes out from the transfer of magic, and when he awakens, the dead man's grandmother is tending his wounds. She, too, is a shadowfemme, and since her grandson's power is now within Adja, she teaches him how to control that power in order to defeat Snake and avenge her grandson. After the battle with Snake, Adja begins to understand his powers, and he begins his work with Bear in order to find and defeat a ghost spirit, Dire Wolf, who is trying to resurface in the land of the living. In order to defeat Dire Wolf, Adja teams up with other shadow warriors, Rat and Jackal. The three of them travel into Dire Wolf's plane and defeat her, but the battle takes its toll, and Adja falls unconscious once more. Upon awakening, Adja learns that something has happened in the world of the shadowleaders; Bear has somehow been imprisoned, so Adja must find his old friends and even team with up Eagle to find out what's happened; Snake imprisoned Bear, but Adja and Eagle release him. Unfortunately, Adja had to make a pact with a spirit, a very powerful spirit, who has tricked him into giving up his body for this feat. However, Adja had allowed Eagle's spirit to enter his body before the pact, so, now, in the world of the living, the spirit, Seno-Wah, is trying to kill Adja to claim what it consider's is its body, and Adja enters into a deadly battle.
Published: Oct. 1, 2016
ISBN: 9781537621906

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett, Epic the First

A wicked daemon bestows great power on evil men in exchange for worship. An unlikely duo find friendship amidst war and chaos. Godly forces collide. Larson and Garrett are two simple, young men, yet they both have their own daemons. In the face of danger, of strife, they join forces and find friends among the elves, the dwarves, and the orcs. They find knowledge and faith among the Gods. Though an evil air has permeated the once great country of Ruvonia, the band of wizards and warriors join the cause of Prince Roan, for the Magickal Prince wishes only to vanquish that evil daemon called Lagos, that vicious daemon trying to gain enough worshipers to ascend as the new God of Destruction. Larson and Garrett are two warriors, but they're kind of goofy if good-hearted. They become fast friends and fight some goblins on behalf of a peaceful, elven community. Garrett recovers a magickal amulet from a goblin wizard, and the amulet brings a great deal of trouble. Along with that trouble is Larson's personal demon; his family has disappeared, and he is searching for his father and brother. The amulet, which contains the power of the God of Destruction, is linked to the White Wraith cult, who used to worship that very God, and through their travels, Larson learns that the White Wraiths have taken his brother. While journeying from city to city amidst troubled times, the duo team up with the Magickal Prince Roan, who commissions them to stop the worshipers of destruction before the God is born anew, and in turn he helps Larson to learn what happened to his family, but the truth is quite shocking; his father was a Crusader of Akalabash, God of War, who defeated his brother Golguhaar, God of Destruction, yet the demon, Lagos, is trying to ascend as the new God of Destruction, so he has resurrected the White Wraiths, who have kidnapped Larson's brother. The whole country is slowly sinking into the pits of despair, yet Larson, Garrett, and their friends struggle against evil with pure hearts. In the end, they manage to kill Minister Parish, preacher of Thaud, God of Knowledge, who is secretly working with Lagos, yet his death is only the beginning.
Published: Dec. 16, 2018
ISBN: 9781731228901

The Dragon of Time 2, Dragon Slayer

With the death of Kulshedra, Dragon of Truth, it has been revealed that Scar, the mercenary, is in fact Sarkany, the Dragon Slayer, a creature fashioned for the sole purpose of purging the Dragons from the world of Tiamhaal, yet such a thing is not so simple. Kings and queens yet war amongst one another. They, too, lie, connive, and coerce, and so, Scar and his friends must find a way to persuade those few, benevolent rulers to band together. In the midst of peace talks and dead Dragons, those still in the worship of the beasts grow more powerful. Some of them even doubly praise their oppressor in an effort to wield more magic. Now, united with his friends, Scar sets his gaze upon a hopeful horizon, but is strength in numbers sufficient to keep the Dragons from completing their machinations? After Scar's first adventure, during which he kills his first Dragon, he flees the nation of Satrone. He now knows he is the Dragon Slayer, and he must convince all the leaders of the world to give him their commune gems, jewels which allow him passage into the realms of the Dragons. Most leaders are unwilling to hand over their gems because Dragons bestow powerful magic, and as each Dragon dies, the remaining Dragons grow stronger, so he must find allies among the scorned tribes. There is another problem, though; as he defeats the Dragons, he seems to grow weaker, yet he is capable of wielding the Dragons' magic. As more Dragons are defeated, and the scorned tribes lose their blessings, he begins to work with the paladins, those warriors who have always believed that the Gods are actually the ancient Dragons. Together, they convince an honorable emperor, Longinus, who leads the country of Closicus, to unite the defeated tribes in order to wage a war against those plotting behind the scenes, mostly Hashnora of Qing Sho, who follows Bakunawa, the Dragon of Light. Scar's travels take him into the country of Malababwe, where he teams up with an old friend, N'Giwah, but the Queen Chief of Malababwe has been murdered and the puppet ruler is now following the orders of Hashnora, who wishes to see Scar dead because like other rulers, who are now understanding that they are worshiping Dragons, wish for their Dragon to be the sole survivor.
Published: Nov. 17, 2016
ISBN: 9781539895435

The Dragon of Time, Gods and Dragons

Gods, Dragons, a mercenary with a blade and no memory of his past.... The world of Tiamhaal is alight in war. Men ruled by kings slay their opposition in the name of their God, but there are others who claim the Gods are little more than scorned Dragons of ages past. Scar has come to find the truth, but is the truth an absolute certainty, or is it just the skewed memory of a forgotten kingdom? Scar becomes entangled in the plots of kings and pawns only to learn that he is the avatar of the creator of all there is. His sole purpose is to slay the dragons, collect their souls, and return them to the void, yet he aches to be a man and live as one.
Published: Aug. 2, 2015
ISBN: 9781515063452

They Lurk Among Us, Lokians 2

The Lokians have been defeated. O'Hara has gone AWOL. His spec ops team has been disbanded and reassigned. The President of the North American Union is working with aliens. Gray-Human hybrids are controlling the Earth from sights unseen, but hope is not lost. After recovering on Eon, Admiral Lay warned O'Hara of an impending threat, and the young captain left the new planet behind him as he flew through space-time with Adams and Franklin, agents of The Bureau. Now, The Bureau has a new mission for Riley O'Hara, and it involves the Gray Agenda...but what, exactly, is the agenda of mindless, alien drones? After O'Hara's first mission, he flees Earth Navy in order to continue the fight against the Lokians. Though their queen has been destroyed, the effects caused by defeating the Lokians in subspace has somewhat altered reality; the Lokians are still active, so O'Hara joins The Bureau, a secret and private organization based on Earth, which deals with extra-terrestrials. The agents of The Bureau, impressed with O'Hara's intelligence and determination, commission him to find out how the Lokians are related to "The Grays", the aliens commonly spoken of on Earth. While traveling to different planets, O'Hara learns that The Grays are somehow connected to a master race, which not only engineered the Grays, but also had dealings with the mysterious aliens who engineered Humans. The culmination of his journey ends on Earth when The Grays launch an all out assault on the planet.
Published: Feb. 22, 2017
ISBN: 9781543031881

War and Glory, Lokians 3

Gray motherships have penetrated Earth's atmosphere. Intel suggests the aliens are searching for NOAHH, a Non-Organic Alien Human Hybrid, yet the Gray Agenda insinuates the aliens wish to subdue Humans; why, then, are they destroying Earth and evac ships? Riley believes only the traveler can reveal the answer, but knowledge is never what one expects. In the face of a new Lokian threat, two factions of Grays, an elusive Reptilian, and hybrids lurking within Earth's own government, Phoenix Crew must gather old allies, forge new allegiances, and exterminate numerous threats all at once. Is such a thing possible? Is there , really, any glory in war? Or is this the end of Earth? With the Grays stationed in Earth's orbit, and many of them on Earth, the added mass of the alien vessels begin to tear apart the atmosphere, and all of Earth's inhabitants must be shuttled to Mars, yet the aliens attack the relief efforts. In the meantime, O'Hara and Phoenix Crew team up with the Thewls, the aliens from their first adventure, in order to combat both The Grays and Lokian shock troops, which appear to be under Gray control. However, the only way to defeat the aliens is in space because destroying them on Earth leaves their massive ships in place, which still wreaks havoc on the atmosphere. In order to accomplish this feat, O'Hara and his former admiral, John Lay, work with The President of the North American Union to create an alliance with yet another race of aliens, the Reptilians. This alliance is based on handing over ancient, alien technology, which the Reptilians desire in order to propagate galactic domination. The culmination of this strained alliance ends with most of the alien mother ships leaving Earth, yet there is a great deal to rebuild from the war. O'Hara, however, remains with The Bureau in an effort to create a new union between Humans and the allied alien forces, the Thewls, Yvlekesh, and others.
Published: Sept. 3, 2017
ISBN: 9781547253180
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