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Alec Birri served thirty years with the UK Armed Forces. He commanded an operational unit that experimented in new military capabilities classified at the highest level (Top Secret Strap 3) and it is this that forms the basis of his novels.

Although semi-autobiographical, for national security and personal liberty reasons, the events and individuals portrayed have to be fiction, but are still nonetheless in keeping with his experiences.



BY Alec Birri • POSTED ON Jan. 4, 2017

After a terrible accident, a British soldier grapples with the severity of his injuries in this debut novel.

Royal Air Force pilot Dan Stewart is sent into a coma following a horrific plane crash. When he awakens, his body is morbidly charred, and he has no memory of the accident. He’s told by his wife that he’s been unconscious for about six months, but he becomes suspicious when he realizes some of his injuries are relatively recent, and that others were simply impossible to survive. Furthermore, he’s now having vivid hallucinations and painful bouts of paranoia. He begins to suspect that the hospital ward that houses him is actually designed for the treatment of a profound neurological disorder, and he even begins to wonder if he was in a plane crash at all. He’s certain that his doctors are lying to him and to his family—but what kind of condition requires such mendacity? Dr. Adams, Dan’s supervising physician, admits that his treatment methods are unconventional; he also notes that at some point, Dan stopped taking a red pill that was designed to cure him. It’s up to Dan to investigate what that red pill did, and why he chose to discontinue taking it. Author Birri shows how Dan’s mind becomes fractured as the line between reality and fantasy blurs: “I mean, I could understand if it took another thirty-six years to destroy what’s taken thirty-six years to create, but how does just one moment of madness end everything?” This is the first installment in a planned trilogy by the author, who served in the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces for more than a quarter-century. He slowly, tantalizingly divulges each detail of the plot, pulling readers in while always leaving them hungry for more. Part of the story is a thought-provoking medical thriller—a style that’s particularly emphasized in the second half of the book—which explores the pharmaceutical possibilities for improving mankind. This is a well-explored theme in fiction, but Birri tackles it intelligently and artfully.

An astute and gripping sci-fi-tinged mystery.

Pub Date: Jan. 4, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-78589-968-3

Page count: 288pp

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd.

Review Posted Online: March 9, 2017




Fake news. Alternative facts. Truth, lies, damn lies and statistics. Just what are we to believe? What we’re told to, of course. It’s the near future and press freedom is no more. Not because some fascist state has stomped a jackboot in the face of our journalists, newspaper editors and media barons, no, the world has finally come to realise there’s a new force in town – us – the people. Trouble is, now anyone can change the course of history with a single tweet or post, democracy is on the brink of collapse. The solution? United Nations Police “moderators”. Thirty-year-old Richard Warren has been embedded with the BBC and he’s not welcome. His job might be to ensure the world’s most respected media company presents its news in a way that can’t be misinterpreted politically, religiously or morally, but for an organisation that’s taken pride in that very objectivity for over 100 years, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Maybe too bitter. Because now there’s a gun in Richard’s hand and a hole in the BBC director-general’s head. Forget fake news. How is the clear-cut reality of a murder to be modded?

Condition Book Three - The Final Correction

So, Professor Savage has been unmasked as the monster Alex Salib always knew he was. But what was their agreement and why is she still determined to see it through? The war on terror appears to be back on track but why does President Kalten seem hell-bent on ramping it up – are the Americans seriously intent on starting World War Three? And what of the treatment itself? Despite Savage’s arrest, the ‘corrections’ go on but to what end? The laws of unintended consequences are about to cause a seismic shift in the very nature of our existence. But then our new master knows that and won’t let it happen until we’re ready… … Ready to accept the unacceptable.
Published: Aug. 15, 2017

Condition Book Two - The Curing Begins

Discovering an infamous Nazi doctor conducted abortions in Argentina after the Second World War may not come as a surprise, but why was the twisted eugenicist not only allowed to continue his evil experiments, but encouraged to do so? And what has that got to do with a respected neurologist in 2027? Surely the invention of a cure for nearly all the world’s ailments can’t possibly have its roots buried in the horrors of Auschwitz? The unacceptable is about to become the disturbingly bizarre. What has the treatment’s ‘correction’ of pedophiles got to do with the President of the United States, the Pope and even the UK’s Green Party? As if the CONDITION trilogy wasn’t unsettling enough…
Published: Jan. 28, 2017
ISBN: 978-1785898778