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Alessandro Boccaletti, a New York University alumnus, is a researcher and science-novel writer. His first short debut guide is Big, Fat American Lion Book: An Active Guide for How to Live a Better Life Being Fat. Acclaim for Big, Fat American Lion Book: “A concise, informative look at the problem of obesity and the factors that make it a rapidly growing epidemic."—Kirkus Reviews Alessandro has spent years working for multinationals in managerial positions and has advised pharma companies for more than a decade about innovative projects and product developments. His extensive expertise—ranging from finance and economics to manufacturing, textiles, flight- and space-related programs, medical management—has built an awareness necessary for consumers about ways to optimize health and succeed in reaching a better lifestyle. As a professional diving instructor, he has specialized in wreck, drift, nitrox, boat, deep, and EFR emergency procedures. He has traveled all over the world during his many tech-diving missions. His personal motto is, “I love the sea; the sea is life.” He is married, lives in Europe, and spends his summers in the Balkans. VERITAS: The Pharmacological Endgame is the first book of a trilogy centered on the researcher Dr. Alex Bauman. For more information or to contact Alessandro, see, or contact him directly at Author Page: Blog: Goodreads: Kirkus Pro Page: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin. com/in/alessandro-boccaletti-60540516 Twitter:

VERITAS: The Pharmacological Endgame Cover

VERITAS: The Pharmacological Endgame

BY Alessandro Boccaletti • POSTED ON Sept. 4, 2016

Australian scientists develop of a vaccine to eradicate obesity, which ignites a swift and ultimately lethal response from an international pharmaceutical organization in Boccaletti’s (Big, Fat American Lion Book, 2016) thriller.

Biologist and medical researcher Dr. Alex Bauman is researching obesity at a university in Brisbane, Australia, along with Drs. Steve Mallony and Nigel McTaggart. Alex, at nearly 300 pounds, is himself obese, and he does technical diving training as exercise. During one dive, he collects a finger coral that apparently regulates fat in its cells as a defense against pollution and seasonally hot water temperatures. The scientists extract enzymes from the coral back at the lab and soon create a potential obesity vaccine. Alex subsequently agrees to be a guinea pig, and Steve and Nigel monitor him for 10 days following an injection. He not only loses 125 pounds, but also has a newfound “strong desire” to eat metabolism-boosting foods. After the group’s presentation to the university’s supervisory board, one board member calls Nero Poline, the CEO of the Stiffton Drug Corporation in the United States. Stiffton thrives by profiting from drugs for weight-related illnesses. Poline has powerful friends, including corrupt U.S. senator and presidential hopeful Marc Thwane, and belongs to global pharma organization ZEUS. Getting hold of the vaccine’s formula is one thing, but ZEUS’ board also deems it best to commission a retired SEAL team to kill Alex and the others. Boccaletti’s straightforward prose is intelligent and informative; he takes the topic of obesity seriously and organically moves the story on to other issues, such as climate change and alternative energy. However, the comprehensive details sometimes stall the narrative. A lengthy presentation, for example, breaks down obesity percentages by country and lists additional ailments that obesity can cause; Qatar bank owner Sharif Al-Khalifa appears as a potential ally for assassin-dodging Alex, but the specifics of his proposal for an environmentally friendly “smart city” do little to advance the plot. However, Alex’s global trek gives the story flavor with its ever-changing locales, including Russia and Dubai, while the assassins’ various murder attempts (using poisons from exotic animals, among other means) are morbidly entertaining.

An appealing tale of conspiracy and murder, occasionally interrupted by excessive particulars.

Pub Date: Sept. 4, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-5328-6794-1

Page count: 478pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: Sept. 21, 2016

Big, Fat American Lion Book Cover

Big, Fat American Lion Book

BY Alessandro Boccaletti • POSTED ON April 19, 2016

A short debut guide presents the common causes, complications, and cultural norms surrounding weight issues.

Without preaching, Boccaletti supplies facts and statistical studies dealing with the causes of obesity and severe weight problems. He aims to reach a general audience with clear, accessible information. From the beginning, the book highlights the importance of instilling healthy habits early, as the author notes that when children consume extra calories, they develop additional fat cells that can never be lost. Adults only shrink and grow the fat cells already existing in the body, making it important to manage weight from an early age. The book covers strategies to keep the body hydrated and the metabolism functioning healthily, such as drinking water and eating nonprocessed foods like cucumbers, spices, and other whole vegetables and fruits. This volume is appropriate for anyone interested in a broad overview of the issues surrounding obesity, including disorders that stem from severe weight gain, like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. The author provides historical and geographical data, such as the countries of the world with the highest body mass indexes per capita, noting shocking statistics, such as the fact that the United States is 68 percent overweight or obese, compared to 38 percent worldwide. The book doesn’t just deliver facts, but also suggestions that are practical and simple, such as getting outside for a few hours a day to garden or walk, sticking to natural foods, and reducing salt and sugar. But the author reinforces that the most important tool a person possesses for maintaining health is frequent movement. The author, with extensive corporate experience, also highlights the tactics companies use to advertise and lure consumers toward eating large amounts of processed foods. At times, parts of the book are a bit simplistic, such as explanations of how businesses profit from marking up products and remain driven by profit, not human benefit. But the vast majority of the guide supplies well-researched data that a reader can use to understand the impacts and causes of corpulence in the United States and beyond.

A concise, informative look at the problem of obesity and the factors that make it a rapidly growing epidemic.

Pub Date: April 19, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-5197-8883-2

Page count: 100pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: June 23, 2016

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Aug. 15, 2016

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VERITAS: The Pharmacological Endgame —The End of the Obesity Epidemic—

Book Description: ZEUS is an international organization dedicated to the eradication of certain scientific advancements to keep its members part of the global elite. The group targets any researchers or whistleblowers that may topple its position at the top of the pharmaceutical industry. The members’ influence extends all the way to the top of the major world governments. One man holds the key to stopping them. Dr. Alex Bauman joined the Molecular Fat Studies Department at Queens University in Brisbane because he wanted to help the obese. Driven by unhappiness with his own weight, Bauman stumbles upon the knowledge to create a cure for obesity. This secret is dangerous to ZEUS. They don’t want anything to affect the trillions of dollars they make on bogus obesity treatments. Presidential hopeful and California senator Marc Thwane is one of ZEUS’s members. He can’t let anything get in the way of his dark plans for the United States. When Thwane sends a black-ops team after Bauman, the two men’s destinies collide in this global adventure. Russian cosmonauts, Saudi royals, and more will help and hinder Bauman’s search for the key to taking down ZEUS once and for all. Book Back Cover: Who knew that coral would be the secret to helping hundreds of millions of people? Australian researcher Dr. Alex Bauman certainly did not. But the practical applications of the sea creature become clear when he goes for a dive off the coast of Moreton Island, Australia. The coral polyps are the key to creating a cure for obesity. Obesity treatment is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide, and someone isn’t ready to give that money up for a complete cure. ZEUS, a secret cabal of business-minded billionaires, has targeted Dr. Bauman for termination. With his research nearly destroyed and his colleagues killed, Dr. Bauman will travel the world to expose ZEUS’s secrets and deliver the cure to the people he has sworn to help. His mission will take him from Australia to Russia, Budapest to Dubai, in this brilliant thriller about a corrupt world not that different from our own. Tagline: When Dr. Alex Bauman discovers a cure for obesity, he will become the target of an international manhunt led by a ruthless secret organization.
Published: Sept. 4, 2016
ISBN: 978-1532867941