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About the Author: Barbara DeShong, Ph.D. is a psychologist in private practice in Austin, Texas. She lives with her psychologist husband and a couple of dogs who, every morning, persuade her to ignore the pains of a colorful list of disorders and claim the new day. Barbara writes mysteries for the same reasons she chose psychology. She loves stories and is constitutionally unable to stay out of other people’s business. Online, Dr. DeShong is known online as MysteryShrink—A Psychologist on the Loose. is her ‘pay it forward’ on what works and what doesn’t work in psychology with a humorous slant. “If you don’t take life seriously, it isn’t worth living. If you only take life seriously, it isn’t worth living.” Two decades ago, after the suicide of her stepdaughter, Dr. DeShong wanted to write about what happens in a family when this tragedy occurs. Rather than a confessional or another scholarly book, she chose to write a humorous mystery-psychological thriller.

The Mercy by Barbara DeShong
Released: July 15, 2015

"An often riveting tale in which solving a murder helps the protagonist learn more about herself."
An Austin, Texas-based psychologist looks into a childhood friend's murder and uncovers secrets that could prove fatal in DeShong's (Too Rich and Too Thin, Not an Autobiography, 2015) thriller.Read full book review >