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Ben Kovacich is a former professional pilot and flight instructor who has been fascinated with the spy game since childhood and studied it ever since. After entering a writing contest in his senior year of high school, he discovered two things he's loved ever since -- writing, and drinking a steaming cup of Starbucks coffee.

Being only eight years old when the Berlin Wall fell, his writing offers the unique perspective of an older member of the Millennial Generation, especially when it comes to geopolitical events generally, and Islamist Terrorism specifically.

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"Explosive; readers will be searching for the prequel."

Kirkus Reviews


Hometown Chicago, IL

Favorite author Tie: Vince Flynn & Frederick Forsyth

Unexpected skill or talent I'm ambidextrous

Passion in life Racing, writing, and flying


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1463668631
Page count: 514pp

In the second book to feature Aeron Callahan, a CIA “Ghost” operative tries to intercept terrorists planning a U.S. attack while eluding Irish hit men (The Ghost Effect, 2010).

Samantha Clarke, a member of the CIA’s covert Ghost Section, is in Ireland researching an assassination plot. She discovers that fellow Ghost (and boyfriend) Callahan is the target, and she finds a file that includes Callahan’s name and photo. The Armagh Syndicate, made up of three former IRA members, has Callahan in its sights; elsewhere, Mohammad Saif al-Din’s terrorist faction prepares for a strike against America. The novel moves at an impressive pace, reinforced by laconic dialogue and succinct chapters. Despite the presence of various international organizations, the bulk of the action takes place in the U.S., with the Syndicate even following Callahan to the States. Intrigue starts in the beginning: The American who hires the assassins to kill Callahan is only one of a group comprised of prominent government personnel, including an NSA analyst who fears he might have been duped into aiding Callahan’s demise. Callahan frequently evades death—the Irish tend to farm out the hit to other groups—but his circumstances remain dire, especially since a shrink suggests that he has a psychological condition related to his persistent migraines, which may prove fatal. Callahan and Clarke’s relationship brings together two people whose trade generally results in seclusion; although it often consists of Clarke bemoaning the fact that Callahan refuses to retire from his potentially hazardous duties, their connection is brimming with drama. It’s almost a relief when villainous Russians interrupt their conversation. In the resulting stellar action scene, both Ghosts show that they’re much better at combat than they are at romance. Readers exasperated by Clarke will, however, appreciate the end, when she more than redeems herself. The Irish assassins steal their scenes with comical, constant bickering, while the fact that they’re men of lethal means is never in doubt.

Explosive; readers will be searching for the prequel.



A simple golf game at a high-priced country club was the last thing Aeron Callahan thought would set the world on fire. But when that's where an Islamist terrorist chooses to attack his target and abscond with the president's brother, the world might as well be a tank of nitroglycerin sitting on a fireworks barge. When a stunning revelation about the terrorist surfaces, the president, already in over his head, is left with few options. Acting on counsel from the Director of Central Intelligence, he reluctantly employs an operative known as "Apollo." Though furious, Callahan leaves his operation in Venezuela to go play recovery specialist. Known as a "Ghost" in the CIA's ultra-elite counter-terrorism unit, "The Ghost Section," he's among America's most effective covert operatives in the Islamist War. Born in the middle of the class war between American Aristocracy and the American Proletariat, Callahan has spent his entire life caught between both sides in societal no-man's land, molded into a natural-born covert operative. And he might well be the president's only hope. Working with his de facto partner, fellow Ghost Athena, Callahan uncovers the terrorist's real intention--an unthinkable attack that will kill scores of people and send shockwaves around the world. He races at breakneck speed to rescue the president's brother and prevent a bloodbath, all while dealing with Athena's growing temptations of a normal life, and the thoughts he once entertained. Thoughts long since banished to the darkest regions of his mind, never to see the light of day again.

ISBN: 978-1451590951
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