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Bill Hiatt

I have loved reading as far back as I can remember, and I have been writing fiction on and off at least since high school. For the past 34 years I have been teaching high school English, which has limited my writing time, but eventually I found ways to make time. My first published novel, "Living with Your Past Selves," came out in September of 2012. I published a short prequel, "Echoes from My Past Lives," in March of 2013. The second novel in the series, "Divided Against Yourselves," came  ...See more >

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"Debut author Hiatt offers an engrossing coming-of-age story richly infused with ancient mythology and Arthurian tales...A fast paced, emotionally nuanced page-turner."

Kirkus Reviews


Pinnacle Best Book (young adult), 2013: LIVING WITH YOUR PAST SELVES

Book of the Year Award Finalist (fantasy), 2013: LIVING WITH YOUR PAST SELVES

Hometown Santa Monica, California

Day job English teacher


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1494269494
Page count: 312pp

An action-packed tale of reincarnated Arthurian characters living as teenagers.

In an engaging sequel to Hiatt’s (Living with Your Past Selves, 2012) rollicking debut, this tale tells of young Taliesin Weaver, who suddenly becomes aware of dozens of his past lives and his accompanying magical powers. The evil Morgan LeFay is back and searching for her sorceress sister, Alcina, who’s trying to lay claim to the body of Carla, a young girl in a coma. Of course, Tal and his allies would rather see their friend Carla remain in control of her own body. Thus begins an epic battle, with fighting in California, the mystical land of Annwn and a previously undiscovered land. There are dragons, faerie archers, hostile marine life, animated foliage, shifting alliances, unexpected betrayals, even a ghost. It turns out that Tal’s friend Stan is the reincarnation of a powerful, unexpected historical figure. And as if adolescent romance weren’t already difficult enough, a potent love spell cast on Tal is virtually impossible to break. Hiatt also adds a wonderfully appealing new sidekick for Tal and his allies: a prepubescent boy with supernatural powers explained in the Quran. Despite all the action and the superhuman characters, the story never loses sight of the human element; scenes between Tal and his mother, who is beginning to develop magic powers of her own, are particularly poignant, as is a love triangle reminiscent of the original tales of Camelot. The minor editing errors that plagued the first book are again present, but the overall quality is there, helped by the type of sparkling humor that enlivened Hiatt’s first book: “Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity—or at least, like an algebra class”; “The tone was vaguely disquieting and more than a little sexual. Great! What was it that made me so attractive to homicidal spell casters?” Readers need not have tackled the first book to follow the storyline here, though there’s no reason to forgo the pleasure, as the series seems to be living up to its early promise.

A top-notch mix of action, adventure and romance with a generous helping of literary allusion.

Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1479295692
Page count: 264pp

Debut author Hiatt offers an engrossing coming-of-age story richly infused with ancient mythology and Arthurian tales.

When California teenager Taliesin Weaver begins speaking medieval Welsh in his sleep, his friend Stan knows something odd is afoot. Stan discovers that Taliesin has been reincarnated dozens of times and has suddenly become aware of all his past lives. Soon they (and a widening circle of their friends) are confronting shapeshifters, battling with medieval knights and seeking to disrupt a shadowy conspiracy. As Taliesin tries to incorporate his past selves into his current one, he tries to save his friends and his town from supernatural destruction—and he still doesn’t have a date for Homecoming. Hiatt has created a memorable and engaging character in Taliesen—a hormonal 16-year-old with the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years. Supporting characters are equally engaging, including the “epically hot” school nurse who is also a dream walker and shaman, and town founder Carrie Winn who may be an archenemy or a protector. The novel’s pacing is swift and sure, and Hiatt writes with humor (“Stan…was like a kid at Christmas, or, well, actually Hanukkah, if you want to get technical. Unfortunately, his mother was a little more like the Grinch”) and poignancy (“I wanted to tell my dad that the boy was dead, but that I was alive, and I needed him, I needed him to love me, not some memory that hung between us like a pale, dull fog”). Occasional misspelled words detract somewhat, but the overall quality of the book outshines such minor missteps, as the intensity builds to an action-packed and bittersweet conclusion.

A fast-paced, emotionally nuanced page-turner.


Young adult, fantasy

Taliesin Weaver thought that he had saved himself and his friends when he defeated the witch Ceridwen. He was wrong. He always thought of evil as embodied in external threats that he could overcome in combat. Soon he will discover that the worst evil has been inside of him all along.... Tal’s girlfriend is in a coma for which he holds himself responsible. A close friend, suffering from a past-life memory trauma similar to Tal's, is getting worse, not better. Morgan Le Fay is still lurking around and has an agenda Tal can’t figure out. Supernatural interruptions in his life are becoming more frequent, not less so, despite his expectations. In fact, Tal learns that something about his unique nature amplifies otherworldly forces in ways he never imagined were possible, ways that place at risk everyone close to him. Tal and his allies must face everything from dead armies to dragons. As soon as they overcome one menace, another one is waiting for them. More people are depending on Tal than ever; he carries burdens few adults could face, let alone a sixteen-year-old like himself. Yet somehow Tal at first manages to handle everything the universe throws at him. What Tal can’t handle is the discovery that a best friend, almost a brother, betrayed him, damaging Tal’s life beyond repair. For the first time, Tal feels a darkness within him, a darkness which he can only barely control...assuming he wants to. He’s no longer sure. Maybe there is something to be said for revenge, and even more to be said for taking what he wants. After all, he has the power...
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YA Fantasy

Tal Weaver's hallucinations aren't what bothers him the most. What really worries him is that they might not be hallucinations... Are there worse things than going insane? Bet on it! Coming of age can be tough under the best of circumstances, but as Tal Weaver discovers, it is even harder when you think you are going insane. Suddenly, he sees things that aren’t there, feels events, mostly painful and violent, that are not actually happening, and even hears voices no one else can. Hospitalization and treatment don’t help. Tal begins to wonder if his life will ever be normal again. Then one of the voices in Tal’s head starts to have a conversation with him, and Tal begins to wonder if there are worse things than being insane. What if his hallucinations are actually unprecedented echoes from his past lives? And what if the only way back to a normal life is to put his trust in someone who claims to be one of his past selves? Is this stranger in Tal’s own head really a past life version of Tal? And, if he is, does he really mean to restore Tal, or to take Tal’s life for his own? “Echoes from My Past Lives” is a prequel to Living with Your Past Selves that will keep you enthralled whether you are a fan of the previous novel or are entering the world of Tal Weaver for the first time. Either way, it’s a great read for someone wanting a quick dose of fantasy. (As a novelette, “Echoes from My Past Lives” will take an average reader about half an hour to an hour to finish.)

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