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Carlos M. Valverde was born in a small farming town called El Sauce, Nicaragua. At the age of thirteen his family moved to the United States and settled in Big Spring, Texas. As a teen, Carlos helped his single mother to work and meet the financial needs of his family. He worked in many labor jobs while trying to learn how to speak English and finish high school. During these difficult years, Carlos was always optimistic about life and busy creating stories of faraway worlds full of interesting characters to amuse his younger cousins who would always ask for more.
After high school, he obtained an associate's degree from a local college and then joined the US Navy. While serving in the Navy he became a Search and Rescue Swimmer (SAR). Carlos continued to pursue a higher level of education and received his bachelor's degree and became a dental hygienist. After almost ten years of honorable service he left the US Navy to pursue a different dream, to establish his own family and to write for children and adults about some of his unique experiences. Carlos has published three children’s books in English and in Spanish, The Grumpy Frog (El Sapo Renegón), A Surprise at the Farm (Una Sorpresa en la Granja) and most recently he took his love of creating to another level when he wrote and illustrated The Gift (El regalo).
Carlos now lives in Washington State with his wife and children and plans to continue to write and illustrate for children and adults.

The Gift Cover

The Gift

BY Carlos M. Valverde • POSTED ON Nov. 15, 2015

Children learn how God gives parents babies in Valverde’s (The Grumpy Frog, 2013, etc.) picture book.

Youngsters wondering how they came into this world will get an answer in this short work. First, Mommy and Daddy ask God for a baby, says the narrator; then, when they are sleeping, God takes a little piece of each of their hearts and fuses them together in heaven to make a baby. After choosing physical features and personality traits, God wraps the baby up into a tiny, unique package that he puts inside Mommy’s belly. When the baby is born, the narrator says, parents have a gift from God, “a little angel from heaven.” Valverde offers mesmerizing, colorful full-page illustrations that depict a somewhat diverse array of families (although each has both a mother and a father): they wear jeans, headscarves, or kimonos, and they reside in grass-roof huts, igloos, or pastoral farms. One speaks Spanish, another has a menorah on its table. Meanwhile, a fair-skinned, glowing God creates babies in a star-filled universe. Each illustration features quaint details, such as ducklings in a pond, cherry blossom trees, a pair of slumbering huskies, or a pretty, decorated birthday cake. Clear, simple first-person language accompanies these images, and together they reveal a message that toddlers will understand easily: they are all special gifts from God that make their parents very happy. The author includes three blank spaces that parents may fill in to personalize the tale with such information as how long Mommy was pregnant, the child’s birthday, and his or her name. Although the book contains no explicit details about the reproductive process, parents may appreciate the symbolism of lines such as, “God put the two pieces of their hearts together and used them to make me,” which are certainly more eloquent than the old stork myth.

A sweet, beautifully illustrated story for families.

Pub Date: Nov. 15, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-943718-00-9

Page count: 30pp

Publisher: Golden Seed Books

Review Posted Online: Nov. 24, 2015

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Children: Gianna Marino, Anna Dewdney, David Soman and Jacky Davis. Adults: Paulo coelho, Robert Kiyosaki, Elie Wiesel

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chilren: Meet Me at the Moon, Lady Bug Girl series, Llama llama series. Adults: Military biographies, Night, business and biographies, The Alchemist, inspirational.

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Restorative dental hygienist, father, husband

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Motivational and inspirational thoughts.

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1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

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LEARNING, telling stories to children, inventing, the arts, creating anything of great quality, helping children in developing countries, traveling, beautiful scenery, upside down pineapple cake, reading a good book.

Press release, The Grumpy Frog, 2013


A Surprise at the Farm (Una Sorpresa en la Granja)

A Surprise at the Farm is about a sheep that worries herself sick because her friends started behaving strangely towards her. She did not know why and she was determined to find out. What she found out surprised her and she learned a lesson about friendship.
Published: Aug. 26, 2013
ISBN: 978-1466986589 (978-1466996588)

The Grumpy Frog (El Sapo Renegon)

The Grumpy Frog is about a frog that does not like his physical traits, instead he wants to be like a bird or a duck with colorful feathers and to know how to sing. One day he was in great danger and his physical abilities saved him. The Grumpy Frog learned that being himself wasn’t so bad after all!
Published: April 23, 2013
ISBN: 978-1466986565 (978-1466991095)