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Carlos Viola

Carlos Viola’s lengthy career in hi-tech satellite systems clearly adds realism to the electrifying details and breakneck pacing of his impressive debut book, Black Lion. An attention-grabbing, action-packed story about an elite group and their mission in America’s ongoing war on terror, that keeps readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions – terrified, but not wanting to get off!

Carlos served for over twenty years as President and CEO of Aeroterra SA, a technology company dedicated to providing geospatial solutions using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and satellite imagery, actively participating  ...See more >

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"An often impressive action thriller propelled by well developed characters."

Kirkus Reviews


Hometown Buenos Aires


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Page count: 341pp

In the author’s debut espionage thriller, a special unit of Green Berets attempts to thwart attacks by al-Qaida.

Maj. Mike Harris, aka “Black Lion,” and his specially trained Desert Lions capture Hassan Izz-Al-Din of al-Qaida in Afghanistan, disrupting a costly terrorist operation. In retaliation, al-Qaida targets the Desert Lions and their families in the United States directly. It’s not long before the terrorists get their original operation on track—a plan, undertaken in part as revenge for Osama bin Laden’s assassination, involving moles in intelligence agencies and other secret operatives. As the Desert Lions search for terrorists abroad, they must also maintain a defense at home, and it turns out not to be an easy task. Viola’s novel is an action-oriented spy story, but it also spends a surprising, but refreshing, amount of time detailing characters’ histories—even those who are about to die or have just been killed—and he devotes ample space to both good guys and bad. This good/evil dichotomy, however, can sometimes be a little excessive: Mike is repeatedly described as an “upright” and “honorable” man, while the villains are depicted as beyond redemption, engaging in random acts of murder, indiscriminate cocaine use and orgies with unwilling participants. (Al-Qaida leader El-Sahiri, for example, is portrayed as an alcoholic prone to knocking back whiskey shots while giving orders to his men.) Much of the book’s technology is truly remarkable, such as the Desert Lions’ radar-subverting and noiseless stealth copter and the terrorists’ “latties”—unsuspecting sleeper agents with chips implanted in their brains. Ample action sequences provide readers with covert strikes and hefty explosions, but there’s a bit too much focus on downtime, particularly scenes involving Mike and his girlfriend, Marcie, who make love for hours and in as many different rooms as possible. Nevertheless, the novel handles many other relationships with finesse, as when Mike meets his father for the first time and shows him respect the only way he knows how—as if he were a superior officer.

An often impressive action thriller propelled by well-developed characters.


Thriller, suspense

León Negro, cuenta la historia de Mike Harris, un valiente mayor del ejército de los EE.UU. y miembro de los temibles Leones del Desierto, un grupo de élite de las Fuerzas Especiales y temido por el enemigo. Cuando los Estados Unidos declaran la guerra contra el terrorismo después de los cobardes ataques del 11 de septiembre de 2001, el Presidente expide una orden que pone todos los recursos y la tecnología de punta a disposición de Mike Harris y sus Leones del Desierto, asignándoles la tarea de viajar por el mundo con el fin de eliminar todos los elementos terroristas de Al-Qaeda que amenazan con perturbar la paz mundial. Mike sabe que sus habilidades y experiencia, y la de su grupo de valientes hombres, se pondrán a prueba al máximo una vez que están insertados en el oscuro mundo de las operaciones encubiertas. Lo que Mike no anticipa es enamorarse a primera vista de Marcie Johanssen, una rica y bella heredera dinamarquesa quién, sin quererlo, se ve arrastrada a esa mortal lucha que está a punto de ser desatada en todos los rincones del globo. En León Negro, los lectores están junto a estos valientes héroes a medida que se sumergen en un vívido y real mundo de engaños, secretos y operaciones clandestinas.

ISBN: 9780989301725