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Christopher was born in Takapuna, a seaside suburb in Auckland, New Zealand, where he currently lives with his daughter. Having loved writing stories growing up, it was a walk along Takapuna beach and a chance glimpse at a distant lighthouse that made him want to revisit his childhood passion and try his hand at producing a novel. Nearly ten years on from that fateful stroll, he is proud to finally share his story.

The Lighthouse is Christopher’s first novel.



BY Christopher Parker • POSTED ON Oct. 26, 2021

Parker offers an eerie supernatural mystery featuring a young woman struggling with grief, finding love, and encountering paranormal phenomena.

There’s something supernatural in the town of Seabrook, and 18-year-old Amy is soon to discover it. She’d desperate for sleep and solace after the death of her mother, but she accompanies her father on a visit to the oceanside town of Seabrook; he’s a detective for the state police who’s investigating a mysterious disappearance in the community. After a rash mistake with some medication nearly costs Amy her life, she finds her circumstances intertwined with those of handsome Ryan, who’s dealing with the loss of his own mother and baby sister. He’s also supporting his father in the aftermath of a stroke, undertaking the financial and emotional burden of running the family’s ranch. He and Amy form an immediate bond, finding love in the shadow of the town’s mysterious lighthouse. But the closer they become, the more intense the supernatural experiences that surround them, including lapses in time and seemingly impossible coincidences. Then Amy receives a startling message from her late mother, and soon, she finds herself unraveling a mystery about Ryan’s identity. This smart, suspenseful, and briskly paced work will keep readers guessing. Avid fans of supernatural mysteries may predict a few of the twists, but the cleverly crafted plot is sure to deliver some surprises nonetheless. Parker doesn’t solely focus on the mystery, however; he also offers plenty of heart, including messages about the enduring power of family and how love can conquer one’s fear of the unknown. There are plenty of spooky chills along the way, but Parker’s work is never gory or excessively violent, making it appropriate for teen audiences. The result is a haunting but hopeful work of supernatural fiction that comes to a satisfying conclusion.

A suspenseful and seriously fun thriller.

Pub Date: Oct. 26, 2021

ISBN: 978-0-9951495-0-2

Page count: 368pp

Review Posted Online: Sept. 16, 2021

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