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Dan Ford was born in Hancock New York in November of 1937. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a meteorological observer, from 1954 through 1958 and traveled extensively throughout the Far East and South Pacific during that period. In 1960, Pan American World Airways employed him for the next 10 years in the Bahamas, also as a meteorologist, on the U.S. Atlantic Missile Range during the early years of the U.S. Space Program. It was during that time, in 1962 that he met his life partner, Paul  ...See more >

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"An ambitious, fascinating novel about spiritual powers—and the kind of threats with which only those powers can clash."

Kirkus Reviews


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1500467203
Page count: 544pp

Religious fiction in which a small group seeks its higher destiny.

The main action of Ford’s debut novel begins with a catastrophe in progress: An airliner on a crew-training flight to the Bahamas has been struck by a smaller craft and crippled. A co-pilot is dead; the two other pilots, Adam and Buck, are momentarily certain they’re doomed. But Adam, suddenly filled with a preternatural calm, manages to “ditch” the plane safely in the warm, shallow waters, saving Buck’s life and his own—but filling him with questions. He allays these questions by spending a blissful evening with his girlfriend, Tanya, but the mystery of what really saved the plane keeps nagging him, and he’s not alone: Buck soon contacts him, wanting to talk over what happened, certain a higher power was somehow involved. Ford’s readers will know the names of those higher powers, since Ford begins his complex, fast-moving novel with a prelude scenario in which two supernatural beings, Zenithal Spirits named Dorad and Caltron—part of that “Supreme Consciousness” that “had created all that was in existence on earth”—are responsible for humanity’s beginning. Dorad infuses a hominid animal with an essence of the eternal so that “this new creation would be called a human being and would fulfill a major role in the Creation’s plan.” Many thousands of years later, Dorad and Caltron are still watching mankind’s progress when one of their own, a powerful Spirit named Diana, has “become earthbound and has succumbed to the material pleasures and powers that she has accumulated.” In a previous incarnation, Diana was a powerful leader in the now-lost city of Atlantis. Now the book’s main plot accelerates as Buck, Adam and their group of friends—including Buck’s gay lover, Antonio, an expert in some of the supernatural things that have begun happening to the heroes, such as heightened spiritual awareness and out-of-body experiences—begin exploring underwater Bahamian ruins that seem to be those of Atlantis. From there, Ford smoothly unfurls the story, though readers may find the book’s opening third a bit meandering. Once the action picks up, however, the book becomes a thoughtful and involving read, part philosophical discussion, part Tim LaHaye–style spiritual thriller.

An ambitious, fascinating novel about spiritual powers—and the kind of threats with which only those powers can clash.


Garden Design

This is a garden design book, created to help those people that will be working with a landscape design professional or perhaps even want to become a landscape design professional. This is more of a "What to" rather than a "How To" book designed to inspire a home owner in choosing a style of garden that they may want or need.

ISBN: 978-1478203605
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