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Daniela Bayer was born in the Czech Republic and graduated from a university in Prague. With a business degree from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, successful career with Fortune 500 firms, and passion for health and healing arts, she is currently working toward a Ph.D. in health psychology. An integrative holistic practitioner, coach and consultant for emotional intelligence and workplace health, Daniela Bayer is dedicated to helping individuals effect positive and lasting change in their lives. She hopes to empower you with a deeper perspective and desire to find true  ...See more >

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"Much like life, love is not a destination"

Kirkus Reviews


Editorial Recommendation by Kirkus, 2011: ANYONE’S LOVE STORY

Favorite author Kahlil Gibran, Richard Bach, Antoine de Saint Exupery, C.G. Jung

Favorite book Illusions, The Prophet, The Wisdom of the Sands

Day job Emotional Intelligence & Workplace Health coaching and consulting

Favorite line from a book "We magnetize into our lives whatever we hold in our thought." Bach

Favorite word love

Unexpected skill or talent automatic writing

Passion in life nature


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1449927912
Page count: 171pp

Much like life, love is not a destination; by using poetry to depict the stages of the relationship cycle, Bayer writes her way to the answers along that journey.

At one time or another, we all experience love and the loss of love. How smooth our journey is on this route depends on the circumstances of the fall and whether or not the journey allows us find love again. By equal measures, Bayer has felt love and been devastated by its loss. Along the way she suffered greatly, left alone in the wilderness of her heart. Turning to her muse and confessional poetry as her vehicle, she pieced back together the idea of love from the ashes of confusion and sadness. Bayer, who is a doctoral candidate in health psychology and a blogger, may be in tune with these emotions more deeply than the average traveler. However, it is the format of her collection and the delivery of her words that makes her work so engaging. The book is separated into chapters that function as milestones in her journey. “Falling” begins a descent into the chaotic levels of heartache unknown. “Searching” explores memories and feelings, trying to make sense of what has happened. “Accepting” goes beyond coming to terms with fate, delving into self-acceptance. “Knowing” is really the first baby steps on the other slope of the relationship parabola. “Loving” is fairly self-explanatory, but framed in elegant, fully realized words. “Having” and “Understanding” add the final pieces to the puzzle. All the while, Bayer’s well-written, matter of fact style of dealing out verses and overcoming emotions pour onto the page. This helps to heal the wounded and bring solace to the reader who is ready to find it.

A valuable read for those who love poetry and self-help books—and those looking for answers in a world darkened by the absence of love.