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Though he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Everette O Lemons has always believed that true education comes via life experiences. As a veteran of both the US Army and US Marine Corps, the two-million mile trucker has not only visited and experienced diverse cultures around the world, but has likewise seen nearly every stretch of highway in his own country.

Whenever Everette is asked why he did not pursue a career in his own major, his favorite reply is the following:

"Though I learned a lot in college,  ...See more >

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"A classic story of nostalgia fulfilled, the narrative moves slowly but delivers a number of unexpected revelations."

Kirkus Reviews


New Novel of Science-Fiction Nostalgia Delivers Romance, Mystery, and Suspense Wrapped Around Powerful Philosophical Inquiries, 2016

New Novel Resurrects 'I Dream of Jeannie' as the Magic Lives in this Modern Day Literary Thriller, 2011

Hometown Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Favorite author Dean R Koontz

Day job Trucker

Favorite word Desire

Passion in life Philosophy


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-0-9969918-0-3
Page count: 436pp

From Lemons (Jeannie-Centristasis, 2011, etc.) comes a sci-fi novel about one man’s rare opportunity to connect with the love of his life.

Forty-nine-year-old Edward Lewis is a trucker by trade. Although Edward boasts some accomplishments (“a mathematics degree as well as authoring several books”), he seems content with his occupation. Staying in a hotel room when not on the road, he finds himself drawn to a woman named Audra. There’s only one problem: “Audra had been dead for nearly twenty years.” An actress from days past, she seems “cute, cuddly, yet hard, tough, and resourceful” to Edward. After a strange presence visits him in his hotel room, Edward receives a startling proposition. He can travel back to the year 1953 as “a twenty-one-year-old man with the opportunity to meet Audra at her age in that year.” The catch is that his life in the present will never have existed. As it is explained to him, “Your existence will be reset.” Accepting the offer, Edward finds himself in a New York theater with a pocketful of money and a vague sense of who he is. As he and Audra fall in love, questions emerge about Edward’s past. Who is this man who has seemingly fallen from the sky? And then there’s the issue of the smartphone that Edward has materialized with, though he does not fully understand its purpose or why only he can see it. A zany yet familiar conceit, the story moves unhurriedly at first, though things eventually manage to get more curious and surprising. Spotted with clumpy sentiments (one character believes that “love is, and always will be a very selfish act, for it cannot exist without subjective desire”), some philosophical musings could certainly use subtler articulations. Nevertheless, the lingering question of the smartphone helps to maintain intrigue. Portions involving the gadget help to expose modern-day silliness, as when Audra insists Edward put it away during a train ride lest someone think he was “whacked out mentally in some fashion” for ostensibly playing with his palm. Of bigger interest to the reader is finding out what, if anything, it all means.

A classic story of nostalgia fulfilled, the narrative moves slowly but delivers a number of unexpected revelations.


Science Fiction,Crime,Thriller,Mystery

It is late summer of 2011, and Jeannie has waited the mandatory 20 years to perform the miraculous feat of resurrecting her former husband and master as well as three others that have been dead since 1991. But in return for such miraculous power and being crowned a Great Djinn, Jeannie has had to accept responsibility for a nebulous concept even she does not fully understand. But the incentive to accept such a responsibility and pledging the sacrifice of her own son should she fail has been encompassed by the need to be reunited with those she loves. She is to quickly form a formidable team consisting of members from diverse backgrounds and ideals that must pledge allegiance to a philosophical doctrine the entity "Elders" calls Centristasis. Each member of the Centristasis brings to the group a high level of expertise and experience within varying fields, and the fusion of such a team the Elders deem critical. http://jeannie-centristasis.com

ISBN: 978-1466295124
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History,Political Ideology,Economics,Social Issues

Volume I of RII takes the reader through the events that led to WWI, and specifically in terms of the German Empire under Otto von Bismarck while briefly alluding to the Holy Roman Empire considered to be the First Reich. Napoleon’s conquest of the Holy Roman Empire is briefly described, which leads the reader into the formation of the German Empire under Bismarck, or the Second Reich. The book gives an historical account of the German Revolution of 1918 – 1919, the 11-year reign of the Weimar Republic and ultimately takes the reader step by step through the rise of power of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Historically, the book ends on the crest of the German invasion of Poland that would ignite WII, while demonstrating the power of perception within certain historical events when logical to do so. The book introduces the reader to basic genetic concepts including DNA, and gives a racial origins account as described by Nazi Anthropologist Dr Eugen Fischer wherein Hitler ultimately converged Race and Cultural Ethnicity, and thus enabled him to look upon the Jews as a race and not merely a religious community. The Hitler economy is discussed in depth as well as the horrid state of capitalism in America, including a chapter on the debilitating political voice of the American people.

ISBN: 978-1411619326
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History,Political Ideology,Economics,Social Issues

Volume 2 illustrates the most important aspects of WWII, to include the Holocaust in a chronological manner and introduces important people on both sides of the war directly responsible for the manner in which it was carried out. Though presented in an historical educational context, the book outlines similarities between Hitler’s own desire to conquer and control the economic resources of other nations and the manner in which such international conduct is still being carried out today. Regardless of what nation is involved, what people, what political, economic, or ethical system to which any group of people claims to commit, the final analysis presents itself in the form of human psychology and the manner in which humans individualistically define contentment. Definitions of contentment are defined differently throughout the world, and more precisely in terms of the perceptual environment within which we predominately exist. The crisis of the individual or the paradox of humanity, which demands that the natural individualistic aspect of humans reside and participate within a group context is exacerbated when such diametrical groups are commingled or highly condensed. This concept is what becomes the ‘Death Mask of Humanity’, and in the end makes the final prognosis of Hitler concerning human psychology correct, in that faced with threats to self-preservation, the basis of which is contentment humanity itself will melt like snow in the march sun. Predicted economic crash of 2008.

ISBN: 978-0615931722
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