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FICTION FACTORY INCORPORATED is the creative wheelhouse of author A.J. Grea, who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. Having an affinity for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, A.J. began writing about the supernatural. As a child, his favorite books were the "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" series by Alvin Schwartz. He is not ashamed to say that he owns the collection of books and still reads them regularly.

His first official YA/MG novel was the independently published "Vickie Van Helsing" written with the enchanted fountain pen SOLOMON J. INKWELL. It is  ...See more >

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Hometown Knoxville, Tennessee

Favorite author Stephen King

Favorite book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz

Day job Superhero

Favorite line from a book "In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." - "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" by Douglas Adams

Favorite word Sarsaparilla

Unexpected skill or talent Moonwalking

Passion in life To save the book at a time.


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1-5351-7178-6
Page count: 360pp

A scientist assembles a second-generation group of superheroes to battle a global government bent on dominating humanity in Fiction Factory Incorporated’s debut sci-fi tale.

Dr. Andre Hudson’s ashamed of the work he’s done for President Ophelia Keating. After orchestrating the merging of world governments into one, known as Parliament, Keating instigated a way to regulate birthrate via the Human Reproductive Vector, which Hudson helped develop. HRV-EST (appropriately pronounced “harvest”) essentially peddles embryos, favoring the wealthy with perfect, genetically engineered children. Now a professor at Harland University, Hudson takes pride in his part of the Federation, superheroes who protected humans from alien ruler Goliaric of planet Xenoe, thwarting his plan to rule Earth. Hudson’s the only one left, and the only one without powers, but he sees hope in a TV report on teen Ellen Braxton, who allegedly killed someone using electricity she generated. Others crop up, like speedster Damian Gunner, with superpowers very similar to the original Federation members. Keating notices them too, and to be on the safe side, she sends twins Snitch and Scoundrel, Xenozians thought to have evacuated Earth long ago, to kill Ellen and the rest. The president fears new superheroes will put a damper on her devious plot, which is to avoid any uprising from citizens by, quite simply, eradicating the poor ones. Like all good superhero yarns, the author’s novel first lays the groundwork with a convincing plot and characters. Ellen, for one, is tormented by her mother’s sleazy boyfriend, Eddie, while the haunted Hudson is shrouded in mystery. The story has fun with genre fans’ expectations: David Porter’s power is initially unknown, and one character suggests fresh superhero names (rather than adopting old ones) and costume redesigns. Dialogue does tend to be interchangeable: nearly everyone says “dude” at some point, and even reptilian alien Snitch throws in an “awesome.” But the exhilarating adventure rarely falters: powers on display, beaucoup showdowns with formidable baddies, and an ending that promises further adventures for its superheroes—and maybe a few more villains.

Exuberant and entertaining, slyly avoiding camp with plausible, albeit superpower-infused, characters.


Young Adult, Supernatural

May I tell you a story…? I’ve a wondrous tale for you about a little girl—one unlike any other—a little girl named Thelma Thimblewhistle. With the loss of her mother, Thelma and her father leave their busy Indiana suburb for the quiet town of Raven Den, Tennessee to begin again in their new home—the eerie Peterson Estate—an old mansion that just happens to have a life of its own! After a bizarre accident, Thelma re-enters the world of the living to discover a host of spooky friends and bewitched objects awaiting her, including the enchanted fountain pen, Solomon Inkwell. Her assigned Spirit Guide, Dead Anna, is in charge of tutoring her in the ways of the Neither Realm, named so for it is “neither here…nor there.” As she begins to uncover the ghostly world buried just below the surface of the living, she learns she is to become far more than a mere student. The Emerald Moon has risen, signifying the return of the greatest evil the world have ever known—the Boogey Man. Only the Defender of the Dead can stop his arrival and protect the world from his wicked grasp. Could Thelma be the champion the dead seek? She must piece together all the clues that lay hidden throughout the derelict mansion and master her supernatural abilities in order to save the lives of the dead! Then, maybe she can conquer her greatest challenge…middle school!

ISBN: 978-1-4699-7612-9
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Young Adult, Horror

Quiet Vickie Jenkins prefers to move invisibly among the student body of Rutgers High School along with her horror fanatic friend Kyle Cooper. Her only weakness is Rod Rainfeld, the handsome football captain who seems to have it all, except loyalty from his friends and acknowledgment from his father, Xavier, the self-proclaimed town benefactor. Xavier has added a monster to his collection of antiquities. It is known by many names, but its most infamous title is DRACULA. Unfortunately for Vickie, he’s neither sexy nor suave. As a matter of fact, he’s pretty darn ugly! Drawn by fate, the bloodlines are reuniting. Renfield, Murray--they are the ones who saved humanity, the ones whose diaries were purchased at auction in 1895 by a humble author in search of inspiration for what would be his ultimate masterpiece. Vickie can run, but she can’t hide from her unreal reality-the truth that will lead her to abilities she never knew she possessed, parents she never knew existed, and a battle to save humanity-and all before graduation! Who is she? The answers to the questions are flowing in the veins of VICKIE VAN HELSING! The children of the night; what sweet music they make...when they’re in tune!

ISBN: 978-0-6154-4840-4
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