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Fredrick Cooper is an award-winning author, environmental engineer, a native of the Pacific Northwest and a member of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe. In addition to being a writer, he spends his spare time on his boat cruising in Alaska and British Columbia exploring settings for his next novel or in his workshop where he also expresses his creativity in traditional Native American woodcarving. He is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and Oregon Authors and currently working on a second sequel to his Earl Armstrong series. His  ...See more >

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"An exhilarating thriller that will have readers demanding another sequel."

Kirkus Reviews


Hometown Portland, Oregon

Favorite author Craig Johnson


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-0988198333
Page count: 476pp

In Cooper’s (Riders of the Tides, 2013) second thriller featuring tribal forester Earl Armstrong, a wealthy man resorts to murder and kidnapping to find an ancient mask on an island off the Washington coast.

While volunteering for the Pacific Northwest section of the Miyako Project, an organization created to help clean up debris from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Earl finds a corpse in the surf. An autopsy suggests possible homicide, and Earl realizes that the dead man, Will, may have been killed on Destruction Island, a marine reserve. Will’s brother, Leon, has the same suspicion, and after strange men spot Leon on the island, someone tries to blow up his boat. It turns out that billionaire antiquities collector Juno Betar is searching for a ceremonial mask hidden in a cave on the island. Earl has “vivid dreams” involving his great-grandfather, Christian Zauner, the island’s first lighthouse keeper, and in one of them, he witnesses the discovery of the mask in the late 19th century. Once Juno learns that Earl may know the mask’s location, the forester and his family become targets. Meanwhile, a Japanese woman named Norika Edo is looking for a ship’s escape pod, lost during the tsunami. The pod contains her husband’s body, but it turns out that yakuza gangsters are after something else in the vessel—a small fortune in diamonds and bearer bonds. Cooper’s novel boasts suspense with a touch of mysticism, along with exciting scenes of chases, murders and kidnappings. Norika and her team’s hunt puts them in the same vicinity as the other characters, but their plots don’t converge until near the very end. Overall, the story of Earl and Juno is more riveting, as Norika’s tale isn’t as fully developed. Still, both stories have memorable moments, as when yakuza boss Yuri Matasuba reminds Norika of her husband’s debt, leaving her with fewer fingers; and when other characters undertake an aquatic attack in underwater caves. Along the way, Cooper also adds nice, spoiler-free references to Earl’s first adventure.

An exhilarating thriller that will have readers demanding another sequel.


General Fiction

A wonderful tale blending historical events of the Oregon Territory, compassion for the plight of Native Americans during the time of Manifest Destiny, and family saga. Earl Armstrong, a young tribal forester, lives a quiet life along the Washington Coast managing timber sales and minding his own business. When a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway leads him to Unck, a local Indian storyteller who leaves him a suitcase of old treasures—a beaded tobacco pouch, a whalebone-handled knife, a piece of an old totem—Earl’s life, and his understanding of the past, are forever changed. First, a tingling in the fingers. Next, restless sleep. Someone is there. As pieces of the past slip through Earl’s dreams, the true nature of the treasures is revealed, guiding Earl to clues surrounding a murder that has plagued his family for generations. But in learning about the death of Ben Armstrong, a pioneer, adventurer, and successful lumberman in the Pacific Northwest, Earl places his own life at risk as he is stalked by a person who is also linked to his dead ancestor, bringing the past and present together in a horrifying twist of dreams and reality. A saga of secrets and spiritualism, Riders of the Tides depicts the early years of the Oregon Territory, weaving the historic events of one family into a riveting search for truth. Riders of the Tides is one lively and exciting adventure after another.

ISBN: 1938296176
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